High-Tech Devices for an At-Home Spa Experience

With salons and spas slowly opening up around us… unfortunately most are still very cautious that the appropriate measures are being taken to keep us all safe during a personal care service. The compounded stress over the last 5 months has for certain taken its toll, not only on the businesses around us but also on our personal well being. But we are not without solutions here at KHACHILIFE so we have compiled a list of unique spa tools that will for certain help us relax and regenerate for now in the safety of our own homes.

THE BEAUTY ROLLER Facial & Body Contouring Tool

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Some of these gadgets are so high-tech that they look like they’re plucked straight from the future. This Beauty Roller is definitely more advanced than your average rose quartz or jade rolling device. Powered by invisible waves of Ultra-Infrared Energy emanating from pure, high-density carbon, it is designed to help firm the skin and deliver facial and body contours. Use it on your jawline, cheekbones, forehead, and décolleté to help refine the face; use it on the thighs, glutes, abs, arms, and hips to improve the body’s trouble areas. 

The high-density carbon spheres feature massaging microridges that replicate effective professional massage techniques, which helps to relieve tension and reduce puffiness. 

As if you needed further proof that this tool belongs in a sci-fi film, the molecular vibrations caused by the Ultra-Infrared Energy can melt ice without heat. 

MDNA SKIN Rejuvenator Set

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This Skin Rejuvenator Set, featuring the Rejuvenator itself and a Chrome Clay Mask, is one way to seriously improve your morning routine. The device features two heads—a neodymium magnetic head to purge the skin of impurities, and an infusion head that uses a Deep Derma Infusion system to deliver nourishment. 

To perform this simple (and quick) routine, apply the clay mask, allow it to dry for five minutes, and then use the handheld tool to remove the clay along with the impurities that the clay has absorbed from deep within the pores. (The device doesn’t actually make contact with the skin!) This magnetic action, according to the company, provides cell stimulation that helps maintain a healthy cell turnover cycle. 

ZIIP BEAUTY Nano Current Skincare Device

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ZIIP is toted as “an electrical facial in the palm of your hand.” Designed to stimulate skin cells to increase their effectiveness and promote healing, this device uses nanocurrents and microcurrents to directly communicate with cells, encouraging them to produce more collagen and elastin. The ergonomic tool features ground-breaking, patented, FDA-cleared technology to target its energy beneath the surface of the skin, working at the cellular level to create healthier, firmer, glowing skin over time. 

To use, simply apply the accompanying Golden Conductive Gel Treatment to clean, dry skin, creating a safe environment for the electric current to transfer between the device and skin. Then watch the device work miracles that earned it a Glamour Beauty Award 2019 for Best Skin Care Device. 

Genius Light Mask

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This one looks more like the Oculus Rift than an at-home spa device, which leaves us fantasizing about the spas of the future. This mask combines light therapy and electrostimulation to provide an exhaustive benefit profile; the Genius Light Mask lifts, firms, tones, calms, boosts radiance, prevents dark spots, improves skin regeneration to prevent blemishes, slows aging, and more. 

“Who has never dreamed, like Aladdin, of having a magic lamp with their very own Genie?” says Alexis de Brosses, president and founder of TALIKA. “Today, TALIKA has created just such a lamp and presents its technological discoveries and know-how to enable women [to] realise their dreams. As a genuine hi-tech device, GENIUS LIGHT is the answer to most women’s skin concerns, granting, at their request – as all good genies should – all the beauty desires they could dream of.” 

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Pro Facial Steamer

This device is probably the least high-tech on the list, but, quite simply, it does its job well. The Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Pro Facial Steamer gives you that spa treatment at home. Suitable for all skin types, it features micro-steam technology delivered via a wide nozzle, which works to hydrate and purify the skin in a one-step process. This is especially ideal for those with dehydrated skin and enlarged pores, providing a dewy complexion in roughly 9 minutes. 

Best of all? This lightweight steamer is portable, so you can enjoy a full spa experience not just at home, but on the road.