H2 – The “new” electric HUMMER.

Few vehicles have managed to permeate the public consciousness like the Hummer. It’s a vehicle that’s so iconic, and for so many reasons, its importance can only be explained with incredibly broad strokes. Yes, it began as a symbol of toughness, having proved itself in real time during the always-on media coverage of the first Gulf War. But as the Hummer got into civilian hands, and as the lineup expanded to include GM-based platforms, it became a symbol of excess. 

If you’re imagining a Hummer right now, you’re likely imagining a yellow or pink Hummer H2 slathered in chrome and riding on big, heavy 24-inch rims. You may also be imagining its mid-2000s “celebrity” driver, its single-digit mpg rating, and recalling how the H2 and its ilk symbolized the rampant consumption and consumerism that was destroying the planet. And as hybrids became a thing, vehicles like the Hummer became more than unpopular – they became a liability – so GM quietly shuttered the brand in 2010. 

And now that GM has gone all-in on announcing that they will be a fully electric mobility brand by 2035, it only makes sense that the first vehicle in this all-electric portfolio should be… a Hummer? 

Yes, GM is announcing its commitment to the EV game with a GMC-branded Hummer that’s so insane, it too is a rolling celebration of excess. But maybe in this case, that excess is a little more environmentally friendly.

So let’s get that excess stuff out of the way: the soon-to-be-released 2022 GMC Hummer EV is, in GMC’s words, “the most capable factory truck – ever.” How capable? Well, how does an all-electric 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque sound? 

More impressively, GM didn’t outsource the EV componentry and call it a day. The three EV motors and 24-module double-stacked battery were developed in house and wear GM’s “Ultium” branding. And since part of Tesla’s high valuation seems to be tied directly to its battery tech, you can bet that GM is investing big on its Ultium technology, hoping to replicate a bit of that Telsa magic for itself. 

And just like Tesla, the all-electric Hummer is compatible with fast-charging capability, able to get 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes when connected to a 350kW DC fast charger. Total range is said to be over 350 miles on a single charge, though a complete charging time via normal chargers has yet to be given. 

Also like Tesla, the GMC Hummer gets GM’s rather excellent super cruise semi-autonomous driving system. Designed primarily for highway driving, this system can steer, change lanes and more across over 200,000 miles of roads. 

So all that EV stuff is nice and all, but this is a Hummer, so flowing electrons mean nothing if this thing can’t go off-road. Luckily for us, GMC has that taken care of too.

35-inch off-road tires come standard, but GMC says that 37-inch tires will fit just fine. An adaptive air suspension lets users raise and lower the ride height as needed, and steel plates are bolted to the underside of the vehicle to help armor the electric components. Up to 18 external cameras act as a “virtual spotter,” giving drivers a clearer view of the trail and its surroundings, so they can better navigate the hazards of the off-road. 

But the real party trick is the CrabWalk feature. Free from the shackles of old-school engines, drivetrains and axles, the GMC Hummer can turn all four of its wheels in the same direction, allowing it to crawl diagonally for exceptional, low-speed maneuverability. Expect to see this feature primarily used to parallel park in front of a Starbucks near you.

As for the rest of the GMC Hummer, it’s ready for whatever type of lifestyle you want to throw at it. It’s got the open bed of a standard pickup truck, with a lockable “frunk” for added storage, just like a Porsche 911. You can take its roof off entirely, or in sections, essentially making it the truck version of the Porsche 911 Targa. And it can run from 0-60 in approximately three seconds, making it a hair faster than a 2021 Porsche 911 Carrera. 

The inside is admittedly not Porsche-like; in photos it looks like a standard GM-type of truck interior, just with some big screens inside. It won’t win over any Teslarati, but it will immediately feel familiar to GMC’s core truck consumer. It’s a smart move on the part of GMC, as that further opens up the market to more traditional truck buyers, which remains the most profitable segment of the entire auto industry.

So yeah, there’s a lot to be excited about with the new all-electric GMC Hummer. It’s supremely powerful, and incredibly capable, and it’s likely to become the new face of toughness for the electrified generation. Welcome back, Hummer. Just try not to do the chrome wheel-thing this time, please?  

Justin Kaehler
Justin Kaehler is a Los Angeles-based writer, photographer, and auto enthusiast who has been sharing his passion for cars for over 15 years.