Five Gems of the Ayala Bar Fall/Winter Collection

At first glance, the pieces crafted by Ayala Bar may seem more like collage work than accessories. Her unusual, unique creations combine a variety of materials – fabrics, metals, beads and mineral stones, just to name a few – to form jewelry as intricate as mosaics.

Born and raised in Israel and currently working from a studio near Tel Aviv, Ayala Bar has become one of Israel’s most renowned international designers. Her diverse background in artwork, interior design, and theatre perhaps explains the dramatic and unconventional qualities of her jewelry.

“ At the very beginning, jewelry was simply a means of earning a living,” the artist explains on her website. “Back in the 1980s when I first started, most jewelry tended to be made of precious metals such as gold and silver as well as modeling clays, which was popular at the time. Being an outsider, I actually had an advantage. My designs were different. Unexpected…I was actually selling miniature artifacts…Through time, my design aesthetics have increasingly reflected influences in the fashion world and seasonal color changes.”

True to form, the Fall/Winter 2015 collection by Ayala Bar is filled with seasonal influence: patterns as colorful as a bountiful harvest and beads that sparkle like ice.

Here are just five of our favorites. Visit to see the full collection and browse the online store.

1. From the Classic Collection:

Turquoise Dream Ocean Earrings ($270 USD)

We love how the cool, steely blues of this set compliment the warmer shades of turquoise. It’s a color pallet that feels wintery, perfect for a cold evening in January, yet also calls to mind the sea foam beaches of the Mediterranean. We also love the small seasonal detail of colorful leaves, making these the perfect accessory for the changing seasons.

2. From the Hip Collection:

Multi Coast Harmony Necklace ($359 USD)

This intricate necklace sparkles with colors as warm and bright as autumn foliage. With its daring beadwork and playful details, this necklace is the perfect way to accentuate the neckline of a black evening dress.

3. From the Radiance Collection:

Tropicalia Dance Necklace ($359 USD)

Its art deco details, coupled with a soft floral centerpiece, help this gorgeous necklace strike the perfect balance between vintage romance and contemporary bohemian. Battle the winter blues by accessorizing with this subtle touch of springtime flowers.

4. From the Indigo Collection:

Sagittarius Napoli Earrings ($250 USD)

The most neutral of her collections, the Indigo series is perfect for both casual and formal occassions. Its cool, pewtery shades make our personal favorite, the Sagittarius Napoli Earrings, a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

5. For the Signature Collection:

Ayala Bar Signature Necklace ($676 USD)

 Ayala Bar is known for her playful use of textiles, and this collection – aptly named the Signature Collection – showcases her skills in pairing colorful fabrics. The bold patterns of the Ayala Bar Signature Necklace make for a warm, autumnal vibe.

Meghan Greeley
Meghan Greeley is an actor and writer originally from Newfoundland. She has performed in films that have screened at festivals around the world, including Cannes, Karlovy Vary, the Utah Indie Film Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival, and the Toronto International Film Festival. As a writer, her works have been published in The Stockholm Review, Metatron, Riddlefence, Nelson Publications, and the Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Drama. She is a winner of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival’s Playwriting Contest and first place winner of the Sparks Literary Festival’s Poetry Competition. She currently resides in Toronto.