A First Look At The Lexus Yacht

Not content to be just one of the largest automakers in the world, Toyota has its hands in a lot of different industries. In its native Japan, the company dabbles in housing, biotechnology, and as you’ll see here, boats.

Yes, the big T constructs a number of water-based pleasure crafts, all of which are designed to be as easy to drive and as environmentally friendly as the company’s road-going automobiles. But as the company is also led by a motorsports aficionado, you can bet that a few performance-based passion projects will slip out the door as well. One such project is this Sport Yacht Concept, a luxury-minded watercraft engineered by Lexus  — and man, is it ever cool.

This Sport Yacht Concept is an amazing showcase for a wide breadth of technologies. Powering this floating sculpture are two V8 engines pulled from Lexus’ impressive RC-F sports cars. These 5.0-liter powertrains are built by Yamaha and output an impressive 440 horsepower each, giving this boat a combined 880 ponies. Working in tandem, these allow the Sport Yacht Concept to achieve speeds of up to 43 knots, or 49 miles per hour.

But it’s the design here that really impresses. The Lexus Design Center in Japan penned the sensuous shape, taking great care to craft a stepped hull engineered to reduce drag and improve high-speed handling balance.

Marquis-Carver Yacht Group of Pulaski, Wisconsin, were called upon to handle the actual construction of the Sport Yacht Concept. Experts in building watercraft out of exotic materials, they helped ensure that all aspects of this yacht were as forward-thinking as its exterior design. The upper and outer decks are bonded to the outer hull and are constructed from hand-laid Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) — an advanced, lightweight material used in racecars and fighter planes. According to Lexus, this construction technique results in a yacht that weighs almost 2,200 pounds less than a similarly sized yacht constructed from conventional fiberglass.

The captain of this ship gets a power-adjustable leather chair, with the armrests folding out into jump seats for, as Lexus calls them, “very special passengers.” Touchscreen controls bring a modern approach to accessing things like the GPS, underwater sonar, lighting, and entertainment systems.

Of course, we all know that the best part of being on a boat is sitting back and simply enjoying the ride. Passengers lucky enough to board the Sport Yacht Concept get a luxurious forward cabin swathed in fine leather, replete with fine wood and glass detailing, plus sofa seating for six. The galley includes a 2-burner stove and a shower is included for those times one needs to rinse off after a dip in the sea. 4G WiFi and LAN are also included, ensuring that all passengers can keep their Instagram feeds filled with snaps from this epic yacht.

Millionaires itching to be the first in their marina to pull up in a genuine Lexus yacht will have to put their checkbooks away — for now, at least. This Sport Yacht Concept remains a one-off, proof-of-concept for now. But who knows? Maybe if the demand is large enough, a person will be able to get one of these yachts built to match the LF-A they have at home.

Justin Kaehler
Justin Kaehler is a Los Angeles-based writer, photographer, and auto enthusiast who has been sharing his passion for cars for over 15 years.