Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world with the objective of realizing and honoring the contribution of fathers in society. It is a day which celebrates fatherhood, paternal bonds and the efforts of male parents towards their family and their community. 

Every year families typically gather around the BBQ and dote on their dads, step dads and of course the elders. Kindness and love are free but let’s face it: sometimes gifts are happily welcomed! 

So to help you out here we put together some fun gift ideas for the dads that have pretty much everything. 



According to Gillette, 54 percent of men run blades under hot water before shaving, 47 percent shave after showering and 15 percent use a hot towel before they shave. Perhaps most startling, 71 percent say their shave should be enjoyable – so the mega company went full steam ahead and designed what men wanted. 

Designed in Germany, The Heated Razor by GilletteLabs delivers instant warmth at the push of a button in seconds. The Heated Razor features adjustable temperature levels to achieve optimal comfort, and has Gillette’s best blades combined with FlexDisc™ technology to maintain skin contact in order to give the smoothest shave possible.

Offering a Heated Razor Starter Kit – this comes with the Heated Razor, magnetic charging dock and plug, and 2 GilletteLabs blade cartridges. You can even subscribe to receive blades at your chosen reorder frequency. 

It’s sure to be a win. 



Tim Leatherman was an industrious man who received his Mechanical Engineering degree from Oregon State University. While on an early trip to Europe in 1975, Tim and his wife constantly came across leaky hotel plumbing and road-side fixes for their cranky Fiat. 

Tim realized the need for a pliers based, multi-purpose tool. When he returned to the States he took his idea to fruition and the rest is history.

To commemorate his legacy this collectible tool takes design inspiration from the original PST released in 1983. Simplicity, utility, and portability makes it a classic. 

Each piece is stamped with Tim Leatherman’s autograph and serialized up to 500 on the inside handle and  includes a premium wooden case, leather sheath,  a collector’s coin and a certificate of authenticity signed by Tim Leatherman himself.



If you are a sports enthusiast juggling your passion for activity with an already busy life can be hard – so you want a sports watch that is ready when you are and a smartwatch that handles your life on the go. The Suunto 7 gives you the best of both worlds and is designed to help you get the most out of your time. It’s the company’s first watch that combines Suunto’s versatile sports experience and free offline outdoor maps with helpful smartwatch features from Wear OS by Google,, a wearables operating system that brings the best of Google to smartwatches.

Shock, water, and dirtproof, the watch works in rain, mud, or snow. It has physical buttons so you can use it with gloves on and it’s extremely bright high-resolution touch screen is protected with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. Suunto 7’s battery will give you a full day of smartwatch use and still have enough juice left for your daily workout.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, software updates are automatic so your watch is always up to date and has the latest features. Extend watch functionalities with your favorite apps on Google Play and change the look of your watch with different watch faces and interchangeable straps.

A great tool for a dad who loves the outdoors. 



As for the fashionista father, Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) is a Los Angeles-based producer of limited-edition designer goods that specialize in the micro-production of artisanal eyewear, has developed the “FELLINI” named after the infamous Italian director Federico Fellini. 

Classic & timeless, this distinguished eyewear brand is known for drawing inspiration from across continents, cultures, and generations, combining world-class craftsmanship with advanced production methods. Embracing an array of rich materials, bold geometric shapes, and an exuberance of attitude creating impeccably crafted spectacles that elegantly infuse historical motifs with a modern sensibility. 

Powerful yet playful, the FELLINI is a sophisticated statement infused with a design language that combines a respect for history, craft, and technical innovation. With only a limited run of a mear 750 pieces in this small-batch collection, you will be sure that your gift is unique. 



This large trim lined 70-liter luxury travel refrigerator has two individual cooling chambers that can be programmed between – 7°F and +50°F – allowing both cooling and freezing capacity Designed for outbound enthusiasts or those who enjoy long road trips or days off shore out on the boat, but even suitable for backyard excursions.  

Made from extremely durable materials, it can be run from a variety of power sources and has significantly higher food capacity than a similarly sized cooler filled with ice. A smart battery protection system assures the Dometic fridge won’t leave you stranded and a Wi-Fi app affords the convenience of programming either compartment remotely.

The two independent zones and doors let you separate freezer and fridge items. AC, DC and solar power options mean you can run the cooler at home or in your vehicle of choice. The smartphone app makes setting and monitoring fridge temperatures a breeze & built-in lighting helps you find goodies quickly in the dark. Not to mention, removable trays and a large drain plug for the easy clean-up we all want. 

Basically, the coolest cooler ever ever encountered.  



Traeger is a true pellet pioneer!! The most popular name in the pellet grill industry and its not a surprise that they continue to push the envelope of pellet grill innovation with the Timberline series…….the most advanced Traeger grill to date.

On top of the TECH curve the TImberland series offers an innovative WiFIRE Technology. Tapping into your wifi network to connect your smartphone to the grill. The Traeger app allows you to set and monitor grill temperature, allow custom cook cycles to maintain consistency every time you cook, and also give you access to thousands of Traeger recipes. 

The GrillGuide programs the whole cooking cycle from start to finish by changing temperature, smoke, and air circulation automatically as the recipe progresses. The Timberline also includes a handy meat probe, allowing you to monitor the temperature of your food on your smartphone to ensure doneness. Simply put, WiFIRE lets you entertain with friends and family or relax while you cook, instead of having to stay hovered over the grill.

The Traeger Timberline comes in 2 sizes, the Timberline 850 and the Timberline 1300, which indicates the total square inches of cooking space that the grills offer. And to maximize the cooking space inside the barrel, Traeger gave the Timberline a pill-shaped design which makes the barrel taller than other pellet grills, providing 3 fully adjustable cooking grates. The main cooking grate can even be lowered closer to the fire pot for searing steaks, or raised to be further away from the fire pot for smoking.

With new features that aren’t found on other Traeger grills: the Super Smoke mode drops the temperature of your grill to its lowest setting and shuts off the fan with a push of a button. The Keep-Warm mode keeps your food warm on the grill for long periods of time, which makes it a wonderful companion for great entertaining.



There’s no shortage of minimal white sneakers on the market today, making them a very versatile wardrobe accessory. The Veja V-10,  is just a little chunkier, with old-school paneling and careful branding details—like that distinct yet subtle “V” logo, giving it that classic appeal. 

These shoes are easily the best, most stylish and most wearable and walkable shoes. The thick rubber that does not wear down even after countless days of pounding the pavement makes it a sustainable choice and levels out the cost.  Most of the VEJA shoes are leather- so you do have to break them in to get the comfortable benefits of these shoes, but once you have broken the mold they are the most reliable and comfortable sneaker you can buy. 

A brand to stand behind, Veja was founded in France in 2005, three years after founders Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion established a non-profit organization that studied corporate social responsibility policies issued by companies around the world.

Aiming to manufacture sneakers made of the most ecological materials and involving ethical suppliers, Sébastien has said the idea behind the brand was to “rethink the creation of a popular product”.

The pair then bought rubber from rubber tappers in the Amazon, despite its price being higher than that of synthetic materials, and made use of ecological cotton that was grown in ways that could return nutrients to the soil, rather than causing damage to it due to the usage of chemicals.

To create its shoes, Veja also utilizes recycled plastic bottles by making a waterproof mesh for some of its sneaker models. The bottles are reportedly collected from the Brazilian streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Making change one step (or sneaker) at a time. 



The Vessel Garment Duffle bag combines the functionality of a traditional garment bag with the portability of a luxury duffel bag. Perfect for traveling professionals that need a garment or two while away.

The single-zipper system can be completely opened up flat like a traditional garment bag and can also act like a standard duffel. The garment duffel can hold up to three suits and features two interior shoe compartments. It also Includes an adjustable, padded shoulder strap for comfort.

Another reason to support this brand is its core values.  Inspired by LOVE, the founding component of Vessel – being purposeful and living out Vessel’s tagline “Filled with Purpose”. By believing that they can all make a difference, Vessel is committed to donating a school backpack to a child in need. Since the Buy A Bag, Give a Bag program was implemented, Vessel customers have helped provide over 27,000 school backpacks to children around the world. 

Let’s all be part of the process. 

Kate Shelton
Kate has led a diverse career in both the arts and business management. From dancing with the prestigious National Ballet of Canada to earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Ryerson to then taking on the entrepreneurial role of running a small business, Kate’s wide range of experience has allowed her to develop a keen eye for art and design. As an avid Crossfitter, Kate has a true appreciation for leading an active, healthy lifestyle. She currently lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband and their wonderful son.