Electric Love: Dexquisite’s DX eBike is About to Change the Game

Image via @dexquisite.ebike (Instagram)

We here at KHACHILIFE are no strangers to electric vehicles in their multitudinous forms. From the 2.6 million dollar Automobili Pininfarina Battista to a sweetly-named electric off-road bike to Harley Davidson’s thrilling first electric motorcycle, we’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on this marriage of technology and transportation. But something entirely new is about to hit the market, and even if you’ve seen it all, you haven’t quite seen this — this being Dexquisite’s DX eBike, which is being toted as the world’s first mountain eBike that is fully capable of charging itself.

Singapore-based start-up Dexquisite is in the pre-order stages of its rollout for the DX eBike, which is the result of five years of extensive research and development. The company has made concentrated efforts to work directly with leaders in the world of electric bike design and manufacturing, culminating in a ride that Dexquisite strove to make, according to its Indiegogo page, a “champion in its class.”

The company describes the bike on its Facebook page as an “ultra-powerful machine that uses cutting edge regenerative technology to set the E-bike industry aflame.” That’s a big promise, and while we’ll have to wait until the bike hits the market to verify such lofty claims, here is what we do know to expect.

Let’s start with the outward appearance. The DX eBike boasts a fairly slim profile, considering the technology it houses. It’s available in a spectrum of bright monochrome colours — the sort of vibrant shades that enhance the visibility of the machine and therefore also the safety of the driver — or a more sober black. Its frame is built from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy.

The most exciting aspects of the DX eBike, of course, are its cutting-edge tech specs. Using regenerative technology (specifically, an Integrated Kinetic Energy Recovery System), the bike’s hidden high-quality LG/Samsung lithium-ion batteries can be charged either through pedalling or while riding downslope. An Intelligent Pedal Assist System (IPAS) converts this energy and powers the 250- or 500-watt motor. This makes it a game-changer for longer rides; no more stressing about scheduled stops to plug in the bike once it has maxed out its electric mileage. And environmentally conscious consumers will also love the green nature of this technology, which ensures that energy is repurposed rather than wasted. In fact, Dexquisite is an active, eco-friendly contributor of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), an initiative which seeks to reduce the level of CO2 emissions, shape policies on Global Warming, and create a cleaner world.

This wouldn’t be a high-tech bike without a screen on it somewhere, and the DX doesn’t disappoint with its Smart LCD Display, protected with an anti-theft password lock and battery lock system. It is compatible with — and capable of charging — USB mobile devices.

The bike features 9 speed levels in Assist Mode, with a 7-speed Shimano Gear Selector. Future riders can also look forward to hydraulic disc braking, front and rear hydraulic suspension, and a 7-second folding system. And with a rider capacity of 300 lbs, you likely won’t have to make too many sacrifices when packing a knapsack for overnight journeys.

Naturally, this sort of technology has massive potential for urban commuters. Even avid cyclists can shy away from biking to work during the dog days of summer, when heat and humidity make even short journeys difficult; after all, who wants to show up at the office drenched in sweat? The DX makes for a cleaner commute, both for the Earth and for your body. Your biggest concern won’t be needing a change of clothes upon arrival, but rather keeping the knots out of your freshly wind-tousled hair.

Particularly design-savvy riders will also be excited about the custom paint job of the Street Legal E-bike. Featuring a special 2-tone fade finishing in yellow and red, created via a manual process, each Street Legal bike is completely unique. It can be further customized with the owner’s initials.

Pre-orders feature an early-bird price with savings of 65% off the retail value. And that amounts to significant savings; the reduced price will set you back $999 (USD), so adventurous souls with their sights send on a new ride had best act quickly!