Editor’s Picks: Luxe Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

We believe in celebrating mothers every day — but since there’s a holiday specifically dedicated to honouring the women who raised us, it doesn’t hurt to spoil them a little!

We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite gifts to make our mothers feel like royalty. Show her your appreciation with things that shine, things that sparkle, and things that pamper — along, of course, with a lot of love and attention.

Has mom been dreaming of long and expressive conversations on a sunlit terrace? Let her wrist do the talking with Miansai’s Thin Screw Cuff 14k Gold Pavé Bar. We love this fabulous twist on the classic gold bangle; the word ‘pavé’ translates from the French as ‘to pave’, and this extra finesse of sparkle positively paves the wrist with personality. She’ll love wearing this on a bright afternoon, letting the sun dance deliciously on the elegant diamond setting.

What better way to make her vanity table feel fit for a queen than a sprinkling of gold? As she begins to replace her wintery, jewel-toned cosmetic shades with bright springtime hues, give her a dazzling excuse to toss those tired brushes. This five-piece kit from MODA has everything one needs to apply make-up like a professional. And while this set comes with a glossy black bag that’s perfect for travel, we’re guessing she won’t be hurrying to hide these pretty pieces away.

There is simply nothing more luxurious than black diamond truffle; revered amongst foodies, a mere pound of the fragrant, rare fungus will set you back thousands. In the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Sculpting/Refinishing Dual Infusion and Transformative Energy Eye Crème, Estée Lauder uses a secret process to transform that decadent ingredient into a pure extract. This substance, so well known for delighting the nose and palate, also possesses properties to hep energize, sculpt, and illuminate the skin. Meant to be applied twice daily—morning and night, after cleansing—this duo will leave her face feeling soft, radiant, and fresh as the flowers blooming around her.

Shiva Rose is an eponymous line of skincare products from the founder of The Local Rose, a blog focused on getting back to the Earth and appreciating its natural beauty. If your mother is preparing to don flowing fabrics and expose her skin to spring’s light and warmth, this gift will help pamper her body after the dullness and dryness of a long winter. These sea salts are made from the rich salts of the Dead Sea, the Himalayan mountains, and the peaks of the Andes, turning her bath into a lavish world tour. This detoxifying combination is infused with essential oils like frankincense, rose, and woodsy cedar; it’s the perfect hint of nature to prepare her for the changing season.

OAD is the brainchild of Kate Spade and Calvin Klein, and the resulting bags are every bit as fabulous as one might expect from such a partnership. Marrying minimalist form with function and looking to simple geometry to create subtle-but-striking silhouettes, these bags are an absolute must-have spring accessory for busy mothers. Our personal favourite, this mini tote, comes in a grey pebbled leather that matches just about any springtime outfit. Outer pockets make it easy to stay organized—perfect for those emerging from spring cleaning with new resolve—and she’ll be ready to carry this fabulous baby everywhere.

The advent of smartphones has perhaps decreased the popularity of lockets in recent years, which is a shame; there’s something endlessly more poetic about carrying the image of a loved one not on your phone, but in a vessel close to the heart. We love this 18K yellow gold locket from Monica Rich Kosann, which catches the light—and the eye—with a delicate diamond star burst on the front and back. Best of all, clever and careful design means that this locket is capable of holding not just one photo, but four. Perfect as a gift, this lavish little piece of jewellery will help your mother keep her loved ones close.

Footwear line Clergerie was founded by French designer Robert Clergerie in the early ’80s, and its original vision of everyday luxury holds true today under the leadership of designer Roland Mouret. Moms deserve to look fabulous, but they also deserve comfort — especially as the balmier weather inspires long, leisurely walks. These buttery leather slides are the minimalist, practical answer to strappy sandals, and the chic bright white makes them a versatile addition to the wardrobe. Simply add a sundress and voilà — she’ll be ready to stroll the streets of Paris or any other roads that beckon. 

If your mama can always be caught reapplying her lipstick at a red light or blending in her blush on the go, she’ll go crazy for this sleek compact that doubles as a phone charger. Pearl is a stylish compact mirror with an integrated 3000mAh USB battery pack that can charge an iPhone, iPad, Android, or any USB powered devices. Pearl is perfect for those who need a portable charging solution but do not wish to carry a separate battery pack. This glossy compact features a clamshell design with 2 mirrors, 1 normal and 1 magnified 3X, with a bright LED vanity ring light to allow for makeup applications in the dark.

Lord Jones manufactures and distributes the world’s finest CBD infused products. The confections are made by hand in small batches from single origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate, imported natural European fruit essences, and full-spectrum Phyto cannabinoid-rich CBD extract, which is derived from specially selected, organically grown hemp. Lord Jones Pain & Wellness formula topicals have been developed by a veteran team of personal care experts to deliver full-spectrum, whole plant medicine that provides relief from pain, inflammation, and a variety of skin conditions.

Our last gift is great for the mom who wants to rest and relax in style. This cozy menswear-inspired Piped Pajama set is soft and luxurious, made of 100% organic cotton. Slightly oversized but with a sexy, body-skimming cut, it’s all in the details with contrast piping and button placket. Pants slip on with a soft elastic waist. Not only will this fabric be ultra soft next to the skin, but mom can rest easy knowing that it’s gentle on the planet too; each set is made ethically in Peru.