Down With Down: Save The Duck USA

We here at KHACHILIFE are firm believers in quality and a worthwhile investment. And when it comes to the staples of our wardrobe — those functional, necessary pieces that we cannot live without — there is perhaps no item more worthy of investment than a parka. Especially since we live in Canada, a country known for its long winter season.

We’ve previously broken down for our readers exactly why high-end winter gear is worth the steep price tag, and which brands we tend to gravitate towards for that perfect marriage of quality and savvy, chic design. Many of these brands boast superior quality because they use real goose down, a material previously unparalleled when it comes to thermal insulation. But as the fashion world shifts away from animal products, and the leathers, furs, and feathers of the runway are replaced with vegan facsimiles, the quality of these alternative materials is improving — and they can feel every bit as couture as their counterparts. Thanks to innovative engineering, products like mushroom or pineapple-based leather can leave us feeling effortlessly cool and fashionable, with none of the guilt. And when it comes to eco-friendly autumn and winter parkas, one of the most exciting brands on our radar these days is Save The Duck. 

The company was founded in 2012 by Nicolas Bargi, an entrepreneur whose work in the fashion industry follows in his family tradition — one that spans three generations. In 1914, Bargi’s grandfather, Foresto Bargi, who entered the world of textiles as a tailor of men’s suits, founded the Forest Company. Nearly a century later, his grandson created a brand that would respect animals and the environment as much as its customers. Save The Duck totes itself as “a new generation of down jackets for globetrotters travelling with hand luggage.” It’s designed for the adventurers and the open-minded; “people that explore different cultures, social behaviors, and societies. For the high-mobility generation that does not accept any compromise about one thing: respect for the environment.”

There are countless brands out there that use down alternatives in their outerwear. But what sets Save The Duck apart from the other options on the rack is a state-of-the-art technology they call PLUMTECH®, a material that is warmer, more breathable, and lighter than the original. How, exactly? Well, it’s a padding that imitates the fluffiness of down, outperforming polyester — a standard down alternative — by weighing less and providing the wearer with more freedom of mobility. Its ability to absorb high levels of humidity and dry very quickly, as well as disperse excess heat, also makes it a more breathable option. And, most importantly, the high density of its fibers means that PLUMTECH® can utilize the very best thermal insulator out there: air. By trapping large quantities of air within its structure, this innovative padding ensures that the wearer maintain a natural, regulated body temperature when the thermostat plummets. 

Despite this groundbreaking technology being the centerpiece of the Save The Duck brand, the company sets out to save more than just ducks. Other lines feature eco leathers and furs, meaning that Save The Duck can cater to a wider range of seasonal wear — for instance, gorgeous leather jackets that can easily transition from fall to winter, and even to spring. 

Save The Duck has become something of a favourite amongst celebrities, with even the biggest style icons opting for the brand’s versatile outerwear. Megan Fox has been photographed in a slim black puffer; Olivia Wilde has sported a saturated blue jacket with dyed sheepskin lining. Selma Blair opted for a berry-hued jacket, while Liev Schreiber was spotted cycling in a green fitted jacket. Other celebrities have made Save The Duck something of a family uniform; Jimmy Fallon and Eric Dane have both been spotted wearing the jacket alongside family members. Other notable wearers of the brand include Noah Syndergaard, Rebecca Gayheart, Alessandra Ambrosio, Isla Fisher, Naomi Watts, and Cash Warren.

Following a successful collaboration with Christopher Raeburn, an award-winning fashion designer known for his collaborative work with Victorianox as well as his own eponymous label, Save The Duck has more recently partnered with DYNE. For its fall 2018 fashion collection, Save The Duck turned to the talents of DYNE founder and “streetwear heavyweight” Christopher Bevans to create a genderless line of jackets, sweats, and t-shirts, reflecting the brand’s signature aesthetics-meets-function approach to fashion. This partnership also represents important strides for DYNE, a label with a progressive approach to apparel and a shared desire with Save The Duck to “create a better world.”

Highlights from the Fall 2018 collection are some stunning colours that will stand out in the usual urban sea of black puffers — think hues like misty rose, cognac brown, dusty olive, burgundy black, and Atlantic blue. We’re also loving some of the subtle details of these largely streamlined pieces. For women, stand-up collars lined with faux fur lend a touch of elegance. In the menswear department, hoods lined with faux sheepskin and shiny, ’80s-inspired puffers and vests are rocking the retro vibes. One amusing highlight of the line, which will certainly resonate with the nostalgia seekers among us, is the Men’s Disney Sleek Jacket in Tango Red. This piece features a Disney comic strip applied to the lining of the back. 

This playful penchant for humour is also perfectly reflected in the company’s core identity. We would be remiss in profiling this exciting company if we didn’t give a special shout-out to its logo: a whistling, carefree duck. It’s a tongue-in-cheek nod to the brand’s environmental vision — and we’re expecting to see a lot of this signature patch in the coming months. 


Images courtesy of Save The Duck.