The Digital Nomad’s Guide To Working Around The World

We are creating a new professional future. With technological changes making international communication increasingly easy, many are able to take their work with them anywhere in the world, tapping into various working hubs to stay up to date. Thanks to increasing numbers of people choosing to work remotely, travel has become one of the most lucrative commodities for rising generations, allowing them to discover new professional opportunities and widen their cultural horizons at the same time. These mobile workers have laid the foundation for a new kind of professional: the digital nomad, an individual who lives abroad in large stretches, working and travelling simultaneously.

While the rise of technology has made it relatively easy to take many professions on the road, there are a number of career paths which truly lend themselves to this lifestyle. Jobs as freelance writers or social media managers are particularly popular for people who want to travel; as long as you have a computer and a WiFi signal, interacting with and contributing to businesses around the world is as easy as sending an e-mail. Jobs for web designers or technology consultants are very much on the rise and, as they’re based predominantly on the Internet, they don’t require close vicinity to clients. More and more professions are taking the remote leap and the rise of digital nomads has utterly changed the business game, and now the professional world is undergoing some of the most rapid change ever witnessed. Combining work with travel can easily be done, enabling more and more people to use the world as their own office – but just how do we tap into this increasing market? Building a career as a digital nomad requires business know-how, self belief, and pure motivation.

Freelance Before You Go

One of the best ways to make the leap into the digital nomad field is to freelance in your line of work before you go away. Building up a solid and reliable clientele is something that can take a little time and effort, so making your first steps into the market can be a thing best done when you’re in regular employment. After you’ve got a taste for how remote working functions and feel as though you’ve established a good roster of contacts, you can make the first move out of the “office”. The more freelance work you take on, the easier it becomes to find contacts for the future.

Join A Digital Hub

If you’re interested in the digital nomad lifestyle but feel as though you want to pick up a few extra skills before you go, you might consider becoming part of a digital hub before taking the plunge. Many digital hubs exist across the world and they enable you to work alongside other freelancers while picking up essential technological and professional skills. WeWork, Punspace, Betahaus, and Co+Hoots are all great resources for the aspiring digital nomad. Moving to a specialist environment in another country is a great way of getting the travel ball rolling while giving you the security to work on your skills and pick up a few clients along the way.

Find A Remote Job Online

The online world is rich with opportunity; you just need to know where to look. Finding a remote job before you begin your travels is a helpful way of ensuring that you have enough work in order to journey to whatever corner of the globe you choose. While your current job may not allow you to take your work with you wherever you go, there are many other opportunities out there that do, even if they aren’t necessarily freelance. Working remotely before you go can allow you great insight into how a working day functions, as well as how you might manage future opportunities.

Land A Job Abroad

If you want to begin working abroad but are not sure where to begin, finding a fixed international job can be a good way to start. Simply working and living in another country will help you to get a grip on a different way of life and work, and might just help you pick up a professional contact or two. There might also be a ton of other opportunities out there that you hadn’t considered (like teaching English) which make living and traveling incredibly easy. Before you go, try thinking outside the professional box and looking into what you can gain from specific countries. After all, you never know where one opportunity might lead to.

Living and working across the world can be a great way to get inspired, meet new people, and widen your professional vision. While the digital nomad lifestyle might seem confined to a very specific skillset, the opposite couldn’t be more true; whatever your abilities, you may just be able to use them to help you see the world.

Hannah Lamarque
Hannah is a freelance writer and copy editor living in Europe. She writes about travel, art, design and culture and loves discovering hidden places in the cities that she visits.

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