Design Trends: Minimalist Furniture

The minimalist style is more than an interior design trend; it is a philosophy for living, one based on the idea that less is more. Lovers of minimalism aspire to a lifestyle based on the essentials by departing from excess and flourishes, thus freeing up space and making use of light. Francis Jourdain, architect and French artist, once said, “You can very luxuriously decorate a room by un-furnishing it rather than by furnishing it”. The minimalist style thus respects this vision of purifying and simplifying as much as possible.

Rid yourself of non-essentials and return to basics with these elegant, discreet furniture pieces and accessories.

Teca Day (FORMER /Busnelli) 

With its clean lines and sober, noble colours such as bronze and crystal, this display unit will highlight any object stored upon it. Its transparency allows maximum light to filter through, lending an airy feel to the piece despite the aluminum and titanium constituting its structure.

Autumn (Insilvis)

With its heavy rains and dropping temperatures, autumn necessitates the use of umbrellas. While these clunky, awkward accessories can become an eyesore when propped in a corner, this sleek, functional umbrella holder helps keeps things tidy in a chic way. With its minimal structure, this umbrella stand subtlety dazzles with its reflective surface. Made of stainless steel and marble, this piece is an indispensable addition to the foyer. 

Plat (Kendo Mobiliaro)

Straight lines are one of the predominant characteristics of the minimalist style. ‘Plat’ literally means flat, a name that well defines this Kendo Mobiliaro table. Featuring a discreet circular imprint and an extractable drawer, this utilitarian table quietly blends into its surrounding decor. 

Musa (Antonio Citerrio)

Straight lines, oak, a perfect inclination… Antonio Citerrio’s Musa embodies the minimalist form in its purest state. No flourishes, but rather fine lines and delicate, natural colours make for a refined chair; the elegance of the Musa is in its simplicity, and the result is simply perfection.

Sofa (Mobilia)

The colours of the minimalist style are reduced to natural hues. This includes sober and light tones such as white, black, and grey. When it comes to form and silhouette, minimalist furniture is generally without ornament or complex details. The straight lines of this sofa and its soft, neutral shade means it complements surrounding decor rather than upstaging. In this collection, Mobilia has chosen refinement inspired by Scandinavian style.

Nón (Jorge Pensi Design Studio)

The form of Nón Lá is reminiscent of Vietnamese women wearing hats in the rice fields to protect themselves from the rain and sun. Nón Lá is therefore an homage to these women with its simple lines and its light, resistant structure. Made of veneered and lacquered aluminum, the light diffuses a decentralized halo in the room.

Mirto Indoor (Antonio Citerrio)

When one adopts the minimalist style, one decides to give maximum importance to space; this means prioritizing furniture with smaller footprints. With its perfectly symmetrical and slim rectangular shapes, Mirto tables are available in three sizes. Their precise, formal physiognomy gives them a respectful simplicity with a touch of austerity.

Nido (Sovet)

Sovet is known for the simplicity and elegance of its furniture. It’s hard to go wrong with this simple, refined console. Available in several colours, each will charm you and make for a piece that sparkles without being the centre of attention.

Happy Barstool (Swedese)

Comfort is one of the tenets of the minimalist style. Smooth, linear, and monochrome fabrics are preferred. With its long legs and low back, this high chair blends well with bar tables and kitchen islands. And although it is delicate in appearance, this piece is sturdy and makes a subtle statement.