Creativity On The Coast: Exploring Tangier

Once a hotspot for artists and writers in the 60s and 70s, Tangier has evolved a great deal since its storied golden era. Today the Moroccan city is attracting an altogether different type of creative, thanks to a set of hot new hangouts. With retro meeting points getting the contemporary treatment, Tangier has remained true to its roots while reaching out to a wider crowd. The result is a city that seriously deserves a visit, and before long, it might just get under your skin as it did for the artists of yesteryear. 

Hotels are plentiful in Tangier, and depending on the kind of city experience you’re looking for, there is a whole lot of choice at your fingertips. If you’re on the hunt for something a little more intimate, La Tangerina is one of the most sumptuous choices around. Too small to be a hotel, too large to be a house, the place sits somewhere in between, boasting ten light and breezy bedrooms. Everything comes together in La Tangerina’s courtyard, and sitting down to a freshbaked croissant while local birds fly overhead is bound to be a holiday highlight. 

Designed to resemble a Provençal manor house, Mimi Calpe is a buzz-worthy urban retreat. Complete with highwalled gardens and a private swimming pool, the hotel really is a sanctuary, offering serious respite from the bustling streets below. One can spend the day strolling down the city streets, lost on an adventure, and spend the evening luxuriating in one of Mimi Calpe’s resplendent suites.

Eating well in Tangier is blissfully easy, and with so many eateries from which to choose, you might be struggling to fit them all in. If you’re on the hunt for something special, book yourself a spot at El Morocco Club, one of the city’s most popular restaurants. Small plates abound in this place, finished off nicely with a round of drinks in the nearby piano bar. Great views can be had from Le Salon Bleu, the perfect place for a late evening sundowner. Cocktails might not be on the menu, but the fine selection of teas and refreshing juices is bound to leave you satisfied.

Want to get your hands on a treasure or two? A spot of shopping might help, and in Tangier, you’re particularly spoiled for choice. Las Chicas is a concept store filled with local brands and creative vendors, housing unique wares and local crafts. Exotic beauty products, vintage jewelry pieces, and hand woven clothing abound, so make sure you leave space in your suitcase.

Boasting a history that is well rooted in Tangier’s original golden era, Boutique Majid has seen all sorts of creatives come and go. The city’s unofficial emporium, the boutique stocks historical artefacts, locally produced housewares, and some very fine jewelry. Carve out an hour or two to give this boutique the time it deserves; you won’t be disappointed.

Hannah Lamarque
Hannah is a freelance writer and copy editor living in Europe. She writes about travel, art, design and culture and loves discovering hidden places in the cities that she visits.