Chilled Out: The Best Luxury Alpine Spa Retreats For Valentine’s Day

Spas were once used as medicinal cures for any of mother nature’s illnesses, helping sufferers to get well and back on their feet. Since the 19th century, however, the retreat has had something of a marketing overhaul, and now you’re just as likely to find the rich and famous in any international spa as you are those in need of a bit of a break. With countless treatments, bathing spots, and relaxation points on offer in any of the world’s spas, you might be hard pressed to narrow down your options and find a location that is really going to work for you. When in doubt, head to the Alps.

These Alpine luxury spa resorts are kitted out with all the relaxing essentials for this Valentine’s Day, bringing the romance to your stay. With your head in the clouds, literally and figuratively, you might have a hard time coming back to the world around you — and when you’re staying at spas like these, who would want to? Here’s to your (and your partner’s) good health!

Switzerland is a spa hot spot, and finding a suitable place in which to stay with your loved one should be a walk in the park. While spas are a dime a dozen here, you might find it hard to discover a place quite as well rounded as Bogn Engiadina. A Swiss spa located in the sleepy town of Scuol, the place is decked out in all the essentials, containing its own steam rooms, saunas, and swimming pools. While you might be tempted inside by the cold, there’s good reason to embrace the weather. The outdoor pool comes with a stunning snow-capped mountain view, and guests can take in the entire surrounding valley from its vantage point.

Further up the valley from Bogn Engiadina is the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, a place that takes inspiration from the classic design of Europe’s old luxury hotels. Surrounded by pine trees, the hotel gives way to a luxury spa, sourcing its water from the top of the Mauritius spring. While the spa inside is every bit as luxe as you had dreamed, it is the food that you will truly want to write home about. With options like black truffle and champagne on the menu, you can dine here to your heart’s content and then finish off the experience with a quick round in the sauna.

Onwards and upwards through the Alps, there are plenty more luxurious spots to be had, each one taking in the spectacular natural offerings of the region. A bus ride to Bormio will lead you directly to the spa resort QC Terme Bagni Nuovi, something that is well worth a try. The thermal baths, massages, and treatments at the spa are bound to have you hooked, but when it comes to Bagni Nuovi, it’s all about the location. The stunning alpine setting is about as romantic as they come, and as you’re watching the sun dip behind the mountains at the end of your stay, you might find it hard to come back to reality.

You can continue the QC Terme experience by heading slightly higher up the mountain and checking out Bagni Vecchi, Nuovi’s slightly older sibling spa. Whether you choose to reach the spa by foot or shuttle, it doesn’t matter. On site, you’re guaranteed steaming hot cave baths, mountain spring water, and incredible snowy views. The spa was once the relaxation spot of Pliny the Elder and later Leonardo da Vinci, and just a few days here is bound to work wonders on the mind.

Taking a few days for a little rest and relaxation might be just what you need this Valentine’s Day. These Alpine spas will offer you just the kind of release you need from the everyday hustle and bustle, putting the focus back on you and your loved one.

Bagni Vecchi

Bagni Vecchi

Hannah Lamarque
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