Chasing The Sun: Last Minute Winter Travel Tips

Chasing The Sun: Last Minute Winter Travel Tips

So you’ve taken the plunge, pooled all of your savings together, and decided to splash out on a last minute winter trip — congratulations! Now that the snow has settled and your adventure is on the horizon, however, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of going away during one of the harshest seasons of the year. If you’re being plagued by a case of the last minute travel jitters, don’t panic. All you need to do is make your list, check it twice, and scour the web for the best deals and tips. It doesn’t come much more easy than that.

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If you’re still umm-ing and ah-ing over the perfect travel destination this winter, then it pays to be a little savvy about the whole thing. Traveling to areas in which there are the potential for day trips and further adventure is a great way to make the most of your journey and see as much as possible. At this time of year, Europe is one of the best places to visit. Thanks to fewer locals traveling during the Christmas season, hotels tend to be less busy in Europe during the winter than at any other time of the year and so it is much easier to find the room of your dreams. If you visit mainland Europe, you also have the option of renting a car and visiting other neighboring cities and countries, expanding your winter trip!

Check Your Calendar

More than any other time of the year, it pays to be savvy when picking your winter travel dates. With a number of holidays and festivals making an appearance over the season, prices can peak massively over specific days and weekends and if you want to keep costs down, it’s worth being a little bit more flexible.

Arrive At Your Hotel At Check In

If you’re traveling in the winter time, getting a good hotel is one of the essential parts of enjoying your trip. While summer jaunts leave little time for cozying up, the cold weather turns where you sleep into your biggest warmth ally, so getting it right can make a world of difference. If you get to your hotel just before check in, you’re more likely to either be able to change rooms if you need to or secure that coveted upgrade. The early bird catches the worm and, if you’re really lucky, you could be the most smug bird in the hotel.

Travel Like A Local

When you get to your destination, it’s easy to be pulled in by the latest tourist traps and major city sights, but if you’re visiting somewhere that has a cold winter, it’s likely that major monuments will be better suited to a summertime trip. Instead of making yourself miserable by traipsing around in the cold, try experiencing an alternative side of the city. When it comes to winter trips, locals know the best places and spots to hang out in, so following by example is one of the best things that you can do. Try sourcing a niche city travel guide — or, even better, a local blog — through which to get your recommendations. It will likely be filled with great cafes, galleries, restaurants, and warm winter nooks. Don’t follow the crowds this trip.


Traveling during the winter time is one of the most unique ways in which to experience a new place. Very touristy places are often much less busy during the colder season, and many cities have calendars packed with cultural and foodie events in order to keep local spirits up. If you’re taking a big trip this season, you might just be in for one of the best getaways of your life and, as long as you do a little extra planning before going away, you could be in for the winter trip of your dreams.

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