Why You Should Buy the iPhone LUX


Iphone X is already an iconic gadget. For some, the $1000 bill is steep, but for the luxury seekers, that price tag makes the phone a basic commodity at best. After all, back in 2014, luxury phones on the market were north of $10,000 apiece. So why would someone in this category be interested in an all-glass phone?

If you have already sampled sapphire frames, surely you are looking for something more exclusive. Your heart is crying for an artifact. Here we share with you the reasons why you should definitely consider the iPhone LUX.

To Match Your Style

Personal style is a thing cultivated over time, and these days, the increasingly design-savvy tech world produces offerings that enhance—rather than detract from—that style.

If you occasionally sport Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and other such designer models, then you are ripe for a leap into the luxury iPhone market. If you love to don a pair of Armani Collezioni pants, then accessorizing can go further than simply adding a matching Louis Vuitton alligator bag. The iPhone X LUX is a signature piece that sets itself—and you—apart from the crowd.

Some of the luxury options on the market include the offerings of the leading Brikk Inc., which has three categories: the Gold Mono, the Gold Classic, and the Gold Deluxe, retailing for $7,995 to $21,995, with prices determined by the amount of karats you’re purchasing.

For those really looking to splurge, there is the Haute version at $49,995 and the Ingot 250, the latter featuring 250 grams of 22k solid gold and retailing for a breathtaking $79, 995 apiece.

It’s A Piece Of Art

A standard collector’s goal is to have an item so unique, so offbeat, that you are probably the only one who owns it. The iPhone X market is prime for the collector’s gallery. And while it lacks the obscurity of relative luxury phone brands like Vertu, Apple’s lux offerings provide a twist on the iconic brand’s mainstream products. For some, it is tradition to collect a new iPhone LUX option after every release. This is an opportunity to fortify that collection.

The available brands in this category boast hand-made workmanship. In fact, the polishing of the Ingot variety is of mirror quality. If you prefer a little variety in your world, there are several versions that come with the ultimate encrusted stones. If you like simple and glossy designs, featuring subtlety in visual flair, then opt for single or mono gold bands that feature impressive robotic engravings.

The Classic option has double the gold of the Mono version and is a modestly bold choice at a flat $9,995. The Deluxe class, starting at $12,995, features a heptagon ring with 0.6-carat diamond. Upscale to a 5-carat diamond and triple encrusted heptagon for $21,995.

It’s Loud, Bold, And A Class Act

The designers of the iPhone LUX varieties look to satisfy our most notorious thirst — a thirst in keeping with our love for fine wines and foie gras. The iPhone LUX is a nod to the finer things in life. Whether you choose the solid gold option, platinum, or patterned diamond crustacean, it’s a statement of who you are. The sheer size of the iPhone X, with its massive 5.8 OLED screen, has been turning heads. Couple that with a luxurious finesse and the iPhone LUX becomes a ready-made showstopper and conversation piece, even in the most exclusive places.


Though most luxury phone brands come with a pre-determined design, you can always throw in a few custom items when making an order.  The key to finding that unique piece that is quintessentially you, then, is in customization.

Some of the custom items available include a matching designer Apple watch, a designer charging system, and a few other items that can help accessorize your iPhone X LUX experience.





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