Brooklyn House: A Minimalist Urban Retreat

Lebel & Bouliane (formerly Architects Luc Bouliane) is a Toronto-based full-service design firm. With a focus on academic buildings, commercial interiors, and custom residential projects, the firm identifies its strength as “finding innovative, beautiful, and contemporary solutions for new or renovated mid-size building environments.”

With a belief that buildings are part of our living cities, neighourhoods, and campuses, Lebel & Bouliane seeks to integrate a structure with its existing environment as both a utilitarian and aesthetic asset. According to the firm, buildings require “seamless integration to their context, an intense sense of place and purpose, with an integrative approach to sustainable building solutions.” As such, the firm seeks out clients who share this forward vision — those in search of not merely a structure, but a cultural experience of space, community, and purpose.

Lebel & Bouliane has created and renovated some stunning projects over the years, from the façade restoration and interior renovation of a charming house on Toronto’s historic Euclid Avenue to the unique home library of a Toronto-based writer and magazine editor. Perhaps even more ambitious is the modular design of the Bluffs House (a project currently under construction), in which the firm has looked to emulate the shape of a stone mass rising out of the cliff crest on which it sits, eroded into two cranked forms.

Our favourite project, however, is Broolyn House, a streamlined, airy home made warm and inviting with furniture in shades of merlot, colourful artwork tinged with jewel tones, and an ultra-modern fireplace that serves as a divider between the living and dining spaces. Above the dining room table, a glittering chandelier adds an elegant touch to a lighting scheme that otherwise calls to mind a sparse, contemporary art gallery.

Says the firm:

“Nestled into Toronto’s quaint Leslieville neighbourhood, this project transforms an existing 3 story brick dwelling by juxtaposing the shell of a complex geometric addition on the rear against the character of the old masonry facade at the street.

“As a result of close collaboration with the clients, the project is attenuated to their desired minimalist aesthetic, carefully controlling and orchestrating interior finishes and spaces.”

Click through the gallery above for images of this stunning home.


Images via Lebel & Bouliane