Brokis: A New Take on Old Traditions

Based in the Czech Republic, premium lighting brand Brokis was founded in 2006 by an entrepreneur and engineer by the name of Jan Rabell. His vision was all about the preservation of Bohemian glassblowing tradition, a unique form of craftsmanship that developed in Bohemia and Silesia, two historical regions whose borders later dissolved into the present-day Czech Republic. The Bohemian glassblowers of antiquity earned an impressive international reputation as early as the 16th century for their clear, colourless glass — a superior and more stable quality than Italian glass at the time, thanks to a method of combining potash with chalk — and for centuries, “Bohemian crystal,” as it was more commonly known, was as prestigious as fine jewelry.

Rabell’s roots in the world of glassmaking had been planted ten years earlier, in 1997, when he acquired Janštejn Glassworks, a fixture of traditional techniques that was founded in 1809 in the beautiful Vysočina Region near Prague. After reviving the factory to its former glory — with a healthy dose of modernity — and ensuring that old practices were not lost to time, Brokis was born, and with it, a diverse range of products unlike anything seen before at Janštejn. New Italian-style furnaces were erected and some production techniques, like grinding and glass painting, were retired to make room for the revival of others, like glassblowing, optic moulding, and traditional hotshop techniques.

Today, Brokis combines its time-tested, artisanal glass with other materials, from natural wood to more industrial-inspired, manually-pressed metals. The result is a line of unique, beautiful lighting fixtures that ranges from the refined to the playful, combining mid-century silhouettes with a healthy dose of whimsy. Each collection is designed by a different designer (or designers) from Brokis’ impressive artistic team. Lucie Koldova, Dan Yeffet, Boris Klimek, and the duo Alfredo Chiaramonte and Marco Marin, all of whom operate their own eponymous design studios (in the case of the latter, work is created under the umbrella of Chiaramonte-Marin Design Studio), have created diverse collections for Brokis.

Described by Brokis as an iconic symbol of its brand, the Muffin light features a billowing glass shade, a handcrafted wood base, and a naked filament bulb. While it also comes in a clear variety, we’re especially partial to the softly tinted shades — especially this retro-inspired yellow option.

The Night Birds hanging pendant light is crafted through a unique production technology. Glass is melted into a mold and then bent into a form that was inspired by the abandon and freedom of a bird in flight.


Designed by Lucie Koldová, the Capsula features a tubular triplex-glass LED, creating an optical 3D effect with a clever layering and overlapping of three distinct components.

Click through the gallery above to see more stunning creations from Brokis.

Images: Brokis.