The Best Hardware for Monitoring Your Home

Nest Cam

Home security is something that everyone should consider, regardless of whether you own a traditional home or are renting an apartment. Far too many preventable home invasions occur annually, and people risk losing thousands in personal property, not to mention the potential for bodily harm, by not taking the necessary precautions.

While floodlights and deadbolts may provide a sense of security when it comes to safeguarding your family, criminals can easily bypass these added protections within seconds. The best way to ensure the utmost level of protection is to invest in hardware to monitor your property—that is, a home security system. This will ensure that even while you are away or sleeping, your home is protected. One that is monitored by a live service will provide the highest levels of protection.


Frontpoint is leading the market of home security systems with its innovative approach and great customer service. They also have very affordable monthly monitoring plans. Frontpoint’s system is 100% wireless and cellular, so no landline—which could be cut by an intruder—is needed. No internet connection is needed either! The Frontpoint alarms are connected to the monitoring centre through a secure cellular network. Installation is also quick and easy, taking less than 30 minutes for most users. Frontpoint can connect to the Internet for users who wish to receive alerts when there is an issue in the home, such as a door opening, window breaking, or the incorrect code being entered at the door. Frontpoint also allows you to control the thermostat, lights, and door locks away from home! Optional video surveillance features can also be added, which will allow you to see the inside of your home when you aren’t there or look inside specific rooms when you are in another.

Frontpoint offers three monitoring plans. Protection Monitoring is a basic plan that covers intrusion, natural disaster, and life safety. The Interactive Monitoring Plan allows users to interact with the monitors from anywhere and download mobile apps that allow them to control the system remotely. This one also enables certain smart home features. The Ultimate Monitoring Plan includes all the features of the first plans but also adds video surveillance, which enables live streaming video of your home while you are away as well as full home automation.


ADT is one of the most well-known home security systems and still ranks as one of the best. ADT can accommodate land lines and cellular users and offers fire detection, intruder alerts, and many different plans for a variety of budgets. This is one of the most customizable home security systems when it comes to hardware. ADT also has incredible customer service and will send a representative to your home to evaluate your risk and help you determine your home security needs before installation. Nearly all of ADT’s systems are wireless, although some of the add-on features may require hard coding. ADT will send a representative out to install your home security system, which includes a wireless touchpad, three entry-point sensors, a motion sensor, and a wireless remote in the basic package.

For users who connect through their cellular system, ADT can be monitored through a smartphone. You can arm and disarm the system and receive text alerts when the system is triggered. ADT is great for the home owners who don’t need a lot of bells and whistles in their home security system and want something that is easy to use and from a trusted industry name.

Nest Camera System and Smart Thermostats

This system is an excellent way to monitor your home, both when you are there and when you are not. First, the camera system is the best way to see what is going on in and around your home; a live feed is just one of the features offered in Nest’s free app. The cameras are small and discreet.

The features include a 130-degree wide-angle view through an all-glass lens shooting in 1080p, as well as a motion detector capable of snapping pictures and video. (It is calibrated well so that pets and other creatures out in the yard at night will not trigger the alarm.)

Unlike other systems, the Nest system does not need a hub to work; to get started, simply plug in the device and download the app. The Nest camera comes equipped with a microphone, which makes it perfect for gates, doors, and other points of entry. You can talk to the person trying to enter while you watch them on your phone screen, which will especially come in handy in preventing theft while home residents are away on vacation.

This feature also offers minor convenienes; for instance, you can command your pet to not chew your favorite throw pillow while you are at work. This will only be useful if your dog listens to you, of course!

The night vision on the camera is superb, working very well outdoors, even if the moon is not out. It is designed to be the best in home security cameras.

The Nest smart thermostat, on the other hand, is also a must-have for the home. It is inexpensive, and yet has more features than any other thermostat on the market today. It works with Amazon Alexa and Vivint, so you can ask your thermostat to change the temperature, turn the fan off and on, etc. — all without lifting a finger.

Vivint Smart Home Complete

Vivint is an app that works with Amazon Alexa to manage your smart home system. This app is the most trusted and versatile of its kind. It brings all smart products in your home together.

Vivint controls every smart light in your home, regardless of which part of the house the command is coming from. You can tell it to bring the lighting up or down by any given percentage; just say, “Vivint, bring the living room light down to 30 percent,” and it will then do just that.

Vivint can also be used remotely; whether at the office or on holiday, users can check to see if lights are on in the home. It is also capable of connecting with smart thermostats to monitor temperature as well as any problems that might arise with an HVAC system, and operating smart garage doors.

These products are the best for monitoring your home, and will exceed your expectations when it comes to keeping you and your family safe.

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