Beauty Tools Every Woman Should Own

It’s not enough to simply use high quality makeup; if you wish to truly complete your beauty arsenal, you’ve got to have a good set of tools. After all, it’s the application of makeup that makes all the difference. From curlers and sponges to brushes and combs, we’ve compiled a list of beauty tools every woman should own.

The Original BeautyBlender

A cone-shaped makeup sponge, à la the Original BeautyBlender, provides unparalleled benefits. The rounded bottom part is ideal for applying foundation around your cheeks and jawline, while the pointed tip works wonders on smaller, harder-to-reach spots, such as under the eye. The Original BeautyBlender works flawlessly with blush, bronzer, highlighter, concealer, foundation, primers, and powders. In addition, this product features a small cell structure that ensures makeup does not get absorbed into the sponge, but instead lies on top of it.

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler

This genius invention is a must in any woman’s makeup kit. An eyelash curler is a quick fix to achieving full, curly lashes that will help your eyes appear bigger and brighter — and ultimately make you seem more awake.

However, when it comes to eyelash curlers, quality is key. The Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler will instantly makes your eyes pop. Its sleek Japanese design and silicone pads will not only result in elongated, perfectly fanned lashes, but the soft padding ensures no breakage or pinching.

Givenchy Mister Perfect Instant Makeup Eraser


When it comes to applying makeup, precision is the name of the game. Unfortunately, sometimes the hand slips and what is supposed to be a gorgeous cat-eye turns into a smudged panda.

To avoid having to start all over when you experience one slip of a brush, consider investing in a makeup eraser. These sleek pens are equipped with a padded, makeup-remover-soaked tip that will allow you to erase even the tiniest of mistakes. We highly recommend the Givenchy Mister Perfect Instant Makeup Eraser. This product will magically erase all traces of eye and lip makeup. It also happens to be extremely gentle on the skin, owing to its ultra moisturizing coconut and fig extract formula.

Tarte Etch & Sketch Double-Ended Bamboo Liner Brush

Getting that perfect liner look is no easy task — even for world-renowned makeup artists. Make it easier on yourself by adding an angled eyeliner brush to your beauty toolkit. It will help you achieve a precise line with liquid, gel, or cream liner 100% of the time. The Tarte Etch & Sketch Double-Ended Bamboo Liner brush is extremely versatile, offering users a 2-in-1 tool that will give you that perfect cat eye every time. As an added bonus, it also happens to be 100% vegan.

Tweezerman Tweezer



One of the most common beauty gadgets, tweezers allow you to shape your eyebrows to perfection between waxing appointments. Whether at home or on the go, tweezers are there to eliminate all those pesky stray hairs. You can even use them to set false lashes.

When it comes to choosing which brand to purchase, you can’t go wrong with the Tweezerman Tweezer. This sleek and stylish beauty tool is made out of stainless steel and features an angled tip for the utmost precision. If it’s precise and pain-free plucking you’re after, look no further.

Bobbi Brown Dual-Ended Brow Definer/Groomer Brush

In an era when having eyebrows that are on fleek is of the utmost importance, you can’t skimp on a brow comb. That is why we recommend the Bobbi Brown Dual-Ended Brow Definer/Groomer Brush. This miraculous 2-in-1 tool will instantly tame unruly eyebrows. It has an angled brush head for filling in and defining brows, while the bristle end grooms hair into place. It can even be used for a third purpose: to separate lashes that get stuck together during the mascara application process.

Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

Intimated by contouring? This specialty blush/bronzer brush is here to help. Used by the top makeup artists in the industry, the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush is perfect for blending colours on your cheeks, face, and even on your eyes. The brush features dense hair and a unique shape that diffuses the right amount of product every time. In addition, the handle is made of hand-spun black wisteria to give it a one-of-a-kind feel and look.

Emily Southey
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