Bamboo Mattresses for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Most people will spend around one-third of their lives asleep. That’s great news, because sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Ample rest can make it easier to manage the stresses of everyday life, strengthen the immune system, and even reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions. But to make this a truly healthy activity, choosing the right mattress is essential, and bamboo is a great way to go.

Why Be Concerned About Conventional Mattresses?

If you are committed to taking care of yourself, you probably invest in organic foods and drink filtered water to avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. The truth is, you should buy mattresses with the same thing in mind.

Conventional mattresses contain an array of artificial chemicals like phthlates (linked to asthma in children), chlorine (which can be absorbed into the lungs and skin in sleep and can be difficult for those with respiratory diseases), and conventionally raised cotton, which requires the use of pesticides and herbicides. Both the processes and materials used for regular mattresses can damage the environment: these pesticides and herbicides can degrade soil, and the chlorination process used for mattresses produces by-products like chlorobenzenes, which are toxic to fish and other aquatic plants and animals. Organic mattresses can avoid all these problems, and there will be no harmful chemicals released while you sleep.

But Why Bamboo?

There are many different types of organic mattresses to choose from, but one of the best choices – for comfort, for health, and for the benefit of the planet – are ones made from bamboo.


There are several characteristics of bamboo fibers that make them a great choice, even if you are just interested in comfort:

  • Bamboo fabric is soft, absorbent, and helps the body maintain a comfortable temperature while sleeping.
  • Being wrinkle- and odor-resistant, bamboo is easy to care for and needs little by way of maintenance. The fact that it does resist wrinkling makes it good for delicate or elderly skin.


There are many health benefits to be had from bamboo mattresses:

  • Bamboo is resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, and dust mites; it is considered to be hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies and those with chronic respiratory problems, enabling them to breathe easier while they sleep.
  • Bamboo is good for patients with sensitive skin.

A Better Planet

If you are concerned about not only your health, but also the health of the planet and supporting eco-friendly ways of doing things, bamboo is a great choice:

  • Bamboo is sustainable; it is actually a fast-growing grass and can be raised with little water and no pesticides or herbicides.
  • Bamboo releases oxygen into the environment and is able to absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide to help moderate the effects of climate change.
  • Purchasing bamboo products helps to support a natural resource that provides millions of people (mostly in the developing world), either directly or indirectly, with an income. This facilitates the purchases of housing, furniture, utensils, and food, thus stimulating economic growth in these countries.

So when you go to purchase your next mattress, consider going “green” with a bamboo mattress.  You will not only be supporting a healthier, more sustainable way of manufacturing these products, but you will also be avoiding exposure to chemicals and making your own bedroom a healthier and safer place to be.

Brian Wu
Brian Wu is currently an eighth-year student at the University of Southern California, where he is pursuing his Medical Degree. He currently holds a PhD in integrative biology and disease. He has successfully founded his own company, writing a series of books called Health Stories for Kids.

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