Autohaus: A Car Lover’s Dream Home

There’s a fairly popular meme across car channels that illustrates the “ideal” home. The image is simple: two boxes — one very large one labeled “garage,” and the second, much smaller one, labeled “living area.” In other words, the home is all garage; after all, when you have an awesome car collection, why waste space on things like beds?

Austin-based MF Architecture took this basic idea, worked its design and engineering magic, and created the ultimate car lover’s dream home. It’s a whole lot of garage and a little bit of house in one massively stylish package.

Upon first impression, Autohaus is beautifully modern, somehow feeling minimalist while still flaunting its boxy design. Despite this home being mostly garage, it’s the floating living area that first draws one’s attention, protruding forward off the home and bringing an industrial, almost corrugated container vibe.

But stepping through the wide, wooden garage door reveals what Autohaus is all about: providing a home for the owner’s curated collection of rare automobiles. Sure, the overall home is stunning, but what really gets us excited is the garage. Comprising the majority of the home’s 4,088 square feet of space, it is immaculately clean and features plenty of natural light. Garage doors front and rear open up the area to provide a space for entertaining, or to simply let in a nice breeze. What gets us excited is the workspace in the rear, complete with auto lift. We can imagine ourselves spending hours, if not days, getting lost in our own automotive projects — all in complete, climate-controlled comfort.   

We know, however, that the aforementioned lift isn’t designed for the grimy, dirty task of fixing automobiles. It’s a parking lift, and it’s placed as such to raise any one of the owner’s cars high into the air, where they are encased in glass and provide a visual centerpiece for the living area. Given that big mural of Enzo Ferrari, we’d love to decorate that lift with a Ferrari F40 of our own. We couldn’t think of anything more beautiful to wake up to.

As for the home itself, the living space is small. There’s a kitchen, small dining area, living space, and just one bedroom with a small office space attached. That ultra-modern exterior design language finds its way inside, with heavy use of simple materials, straight lines, and lots of right angles. A large terrace sits atop the roof of the garage, helping open up the total amount of living space.

The construction techniques used to build Autohaus are just as forward thinking as its exterior design. Recycled materials were used throughout with a mind towards sustainability, and the insulated concrete composite blocks helped ease the construction process. Smart insulation also helps regulate the interior climate to keep things feeling comfortable for the homeowners. Texas isn’t known for its mild weather, and this home helps to ensure that the extreme outside stuff stays well, outside.

Sure, there are homes that are bigger, fancier, and more exclusive, but it’s hard to find a home better than this. It has only the things one needs — namely an awesome garage — and keeps the extra frills to a minimum. Who knows, maybe the Internet will ditch that two-box sketch and use this home for the next “car guy dream home” meme. We know we will.

Justin Kaehler
Justin Kaehler is a Los Angeles-based writer, photographer, and auto enthusiast who has been sharing his passion for cars for over 15 years.