April Style Guide: Absolutely Fabulous

April ushers in new beginnings and warmer weather, and there’s nothing like a little sunshine to invigorate the soul. We here at KHACHILIFE are celebrating all things fabulous this month, and we have been on the hunt for the perfect items to infuse our lives and routines with a little luxury. If there ever was a time to treat yourself, it’s now — so shed those sweaters, open those windows, and prepare to pamper yourself with a bit of sparkle and shine.

Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford served as creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent before starting his own eponymous label, and the devastatingly suave American designer has built a career on defining and redefining all things fabulous. Is there any scent, then, more quintessentially Tom Ford than the one above? This eau de parfum boasts a decadent fragrance of oriental leather, and it lives up to its cheeky name. Its intoxicating grip evokes an air of mystery and intrigue; it’s the bottled essence of sly glances and fantasies coming true. A hint of this on the pulse points and you’ll feel exactly as the bottle promises.

Noordung Bike

The Noordung derives its name from Herman Potocnik, a Slovenian pioneer of astronautics who was playfully called “Noordung,” a moniker thought to be the combination of the German words “No” and “Oordung” (“No order”). Noordung totes its first bike as “the best bike in the world,” and this sleek model is based on the café racer culture and tradition. Attempting to create a modern version of the retro cult cruiser bike, the small company combined cutting-edge technology with a vintage-inspired silhouette. This bike is equipped with an ultra-light electric motor, which is cleverly hidden within the frame. And with its thirty-kilometre-range and smart technology (think USB charging ports and “Ride Smart,” a feature that locates the most eco-friendly routes), you’ll feel absolutely fabulous zipping through the streets, the spring wind whipping through your hair.

Adidas Deerupt Running Shoe

The Adidas Deerupt Running Shoe is the answer to clunky athletic footwear; if you’re aiming to take advantage of the warm weather with some early morning jogging, Deerupt will keep you feeling stylish. Based on Adidas’ running shoe designs of the ’80s, this lightweight and minimalist footwear is given a contemporary spin with a geometric-inspired, web-wrapped EVA midsole. Ultra-flexible mesh and a layer of stretch grid webbing make these sneakers super comfortable for pounding the pavement. You won’t be hiding these in your gym bag anytime soon.


BeoSound Shape by Bang & Olufsen

Forget heavy eyesores and dinky surround sound; Bang & Olufsen has turned speakers into decorative art. This hexagonal, wall-mounted wireless speaker system is perfect for the design-savvy music lover. The system is highly customizable; buyers can select their pattern and colour—or colours—of choice to create a unique piece that looks and feels like a piece of art. The speakers offer immersive acoustic diffusion and built-in noise dampers to enhance the acoustics of your room. Best of all, the BeoSound Shape isn’t just a speaker; it’s a complete wireless speaker system that can boast as many as forty-four individual speakers and play digital music in high-res audio quality. How fabulous is that?

Balmain Paris Hair Couture 

House of Balmain is one of those French fashion houses that have helped to define Parisian sophistication. In the postwar landscape of the 1940s and ’50s, Balmain allowed women to shed the hardship of war and its utilitarian fashions for unapologetically feminine, fabulous designs. This gleaming, gold-plated brush set is made with boar bristles, which help distribute the hair’s natural oils all the way to the tips, keeping it glossy and healthy. Furthering that show-stopping shine is the addition of a miniature Silk Perfume and Argan Moisturizing Elixir, which will both help to keep tresses soft. This set is so gorgeous that you won’t want to hide it away; it’s the perfect centrepiece for any vanity or dressing table.


ZIIP Beauty was founded by two people with a very impressive shared skill set — Melanie Simon is a world-renowned electrical aesthetician, and David Mason is a mechanical engineer who has worked on everything from concept cars to robots. Together they created ZIIP, a patented, handheld electrical skincare device that uses small, energetic vibrations to prevent blemishes, firm and tighten skin, and even reduce dark circles. This device works in tandem with a gel made from 24-carat gold and synthetic cone snail venom, which treats the skin as it serves as an amplifier that generates electrical flow from the ZIIP. And hey: go gold or go home, right?

FLYNANO Personal Flight Craft

The FlyNano is for “anyone who ever dreamt of flying.” This personal flight craft requires no pilot’s license and is built specifically for fun — no cargo, no passengers…just sheer solo enjoyment. Designed only for operation over water, the FlyNano is 100% electric and boasts a handcrafted carbon composite body, making it an extremely lightweight 70 kg. “Compared to regular general aviation aircraft, FlyNano may best be described as a go-cart compared to a regular car,” explains Pekka Kauppinen, Chief Test Pilot. “Due to its small size and light weight, the sensation of speed is remarkable.” He goes on to liken the experience to flying common Cessnas and Pipers. We simply can’t wait to take to the air in one of these machines built unapologetically for the joy of the thrill.

Patek Philippe Watch

Patek Philippe is a company that serves as a remaining vestige of the olden days of watchmaking; founded in 1839, it’s the last independent, family-owned Genevan watch manufacturer. One hundred and seventy-nine years later, the company continues to dominate the space; Patek Philippe boasts to have mastered “all horological complications” and has “twice this century built the world’s most complicated portable timepiece.” With these gorgeously ornate faces (made from diamonds, silvery opaline, gold, and more) and hand-stitched straps (we love the alligator), this is the timeless and fabulous alternative to any smart watch.

Rolls Royce Phantom 2018

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a vehicle built specifically for the ultra elite. At upwards of half a million dollars, this sleek vehicle is the second Rolls Royce developed under BMW ownership. It’s being toted as the “icon for icons,” and it isn’t hard to see why; no two are the same, and this motor car aims to be “as unique as the world-shaper it carries, and as powerful as your vision for the future.” It’s also the quietest Rolls Royce ever made, and its lavish interiors are the very essence of luxury. Planning a spring drive along the coast of Monaco? The shores of Malibu? The Phantom will make for a show-stopping journey.

Rosewood Baha Mar The Bahamas

Finally, there is nothing more fabulous than a private island escape, so book that plane ticket ASAP — we’ve found just the place. The Rosewood Baha Mar in the Bahamas serves as a private hideaway, perfect for guests in search of an exclusive escape that combines “tropical exploration” with “tranquil solitude.” Guests can dine on gourmet cuisine at world-class restaurant Commonwealth, delight in the traditional rum-making traditions of the Bahamas at the Rum Room, or relax with any one of the traditional therapeutic services at the Rosewood Spa. This escape will leave you feeling positively refreshed after the winter blues — and feeling perfectly fabulous for spring.