Alternative Tree Toppers

If you’ve been recycling the same Christmas tree topper for so long that you can’t remember why or how you acquired it, this year may be the perfect opportunity to start a new family tradition. It may seem that our options are limited to either a store-bought standard selection of stars, angels, or snowflakes, or a cute Pinterest project that we know we don’t have time for, but don’t succumb to the holiday rut!

Here are some fun, unique alternatives for tree toppers that range from the sentimental to the downright irreverent. But they do have one thing in common: quick, easy, and a little unexpected. And hey, for the classy ones among us, Christmas is a time when everything is a little tacky – allow yourself a temporary reprieve from good taste and embrace the seasonal kitsch!


The options are virtually endlessly. Be it a top hat, a fuzzy toque that suits your seasonal color scheme, your child’s first winter cap that you’ve been hanging onto as a memento, or a baseball cap emblazoned with the logo of the family’s favorite sports team, this alternative topper is a fun way to make a statement with your holiday décor.



Don’t shudder, minimalists; we told you, now is the time to let the kitsch flag fly! CB2 offers a topper that strikes the perfect balance between taste and vintage quirkiness. And just imagine all those twinkly lights bouncing off the walls of your home – need we say more?


Stag antlers have been so trendy over the last few years, chances are high that many of us who rock the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic have a pair or two lying around. Match these with some rustic ribbon or burlap for a tree that feels like something straight out of a Swedish countryside cottage. 


Cut a quick hole in the bottom of a box and wrap it in your favorite elegant or rustic paper – whatever suits your style. As an added bonus, fill it with treats (which will make taking down the tree a lot more fun). Or, if you wait until the New Year to take down decorations, fill it with handwritten copies of the family’s resolutions. This will make taking down the tree hilarious rather than glum as you hold one another accountable; have you broken those resolutions already?



If you regularly find yourself succumbing to the seasonal blues thanks to shorter days and freezing temperatures, forget about decorating with snowflakes and furs – go straight for a tropical theme! This cute pineapple topper from Anthopologie is a great way to keep the summer vibes going, even in the dead of winter. And if you really want to commit to a theme, forget traditional evergreens – hang your decorations on a palm tree.


Whether you choose to go with a standard “C” for Christmas, or opt to personalize things with the first letter of your family surname, this is a fun option for making the tree uniquely yours. Wooden letters are available in many craft supply stores; simply top your tree with the letter as is or, if you have the time, decorate it as you see fit. If you have young children, try making this a fun art project – the result will be memento that you’ll likely keep for years to come.