The 7 Best iPhone Apps

Smartphone users flock to iPhone in part because of its iOS platform, with apps as the cornerstone. The Apple Store surpassed 140 billion downloads in late 2016, and with over 2 million apps to choose from, figuring out which titles are the most useful or best for you can sometimes be an absolute nightmare. With the end of summer already upon us, there are more apps hitting the store everyday, offering everything from entertainment choices and fashion help to navigation, among many other apps.

These 7 iPhone apps will guarantee that you have everything you need at the tips of your fingers!

1.       Poison Maps — This application, geared towards points of interest on maps, is developed from OpenStreetMap and is super easy to use. This app is perfect for the lovers of fun who will be busy hopping from place to place with friends this long weekend. Simply bring up your city location and all of the points of interest are divided into categories. Looking for fine dining this evening? Tap on restaurants and filter through your search options. There are public transportation options through the app as well. 

2.       Storyist — Late summer/early autumn is a good time for inspiration, and if you happen to be a writer, blogger, or journalist, this app is going to be a great tool to have on your iPhone. All you will need is a small portable keyboard with your iPhone Plus and the Storyist app will allow you to type out your next bestselling novel while sitting on the beach, watching the kids play at the park, or in between running errands. 

3.       Visionn — This app is the premium take on the free Prism app, which adds painterly filters to your photos. The final holiday of summer is undoubtedly going to be a time when your selfie game is at peak levels, and this app has a builtin camera and can also work with existing photos.

4.       Capo Touch — Music lovers hoping to learn all of their favourite songs should download Capo Touch. This app can slow down a song without changing the pitch and loop userdefined sections, allowing you to figure out the chord progressions and notes. Users can also isolate specific instruments and tweak the settings for chord detection.

5.       Open Road — This is, quite simply, the best navigation app; it allows the user to be more handsfree while driving than any other option. Although we all do our best to keep our eyes on the road, we can still be distracted by trying to change the playlist, turning the music up or down on the phone, or changing the route to a new point of interest. Through Open Road, users are able to create a custom screen, with large buttons that are easy to tap and trigger important actions.

6.       Nursery Rhymes — If you are a parent with kids at home, this app may come in handy more times than you can count. There are three volumes available, and the images that appear with the rhymes are interactive and make sounds while the nursery rhymes are sung to your little ones. This app is perfect for infants and toddlers.

7.       Find My iPhone — This may be the best app for iPhone anytime, but especially comes in handy as you’re enjoying the final days of summer, making the most of the warm weather by travelling or hopping from various patios, parties, and beaches. The Find My iPhone app can keep track of any devices on the same account and is a free app. Simply log into your iPhone account and activate it. As long as your phone is on, you will be able to track your iPhone.


Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a gadget guy.