5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Life In The Next 10 Years

Artificial intelligence is everywhere — it’s all around us, in our pockets, and part of our daily routines. AI has inundated itself into our existence to the point where many of us feel as though we can’t live without it. We may still have a long way to go and many advances to make in the world of artificial intelligence, but some of the biggest names in technology—Google, Apple, and Android—are pouring billions of dollars into research and innovation to turn what was once thought to be make-believe into real-life technologies. 

Over the next 10 years, there are going to be 5 major ways that AI could change your life.

AI might take your job. AI has already proven useful in automated chatbots, scheduling apps, automated checkers at the grocery stores, eliminating repetitive tasks, assembly line processes, manufacturing processes, and personal assistant functions, as well as many other tasks that were once assigned to humans. A research firm even estimated that the healthcare industry will spend over $6 billion on AI by 2021. How would you feel if your doctor worked side by side with a robot instead of a nurse in a few years?

AI will be used in the classroom. Pearson, an educational resource company, has predicted that teachers will be using artificial intelligence in the classroom soon to be able to monitor students who are struggling or need attention. Students are already interacting more than ever before with technology in the classroom, and with AI advances coming quicker and more efficiently, children and software will be teamed together in the classroom to execute tasks and improve the learning environment. 

AI will save you money. Artificial Intelligence is poised to save you a ton of money in the next 10 years. AI-based home automation will likely be in homes across the country, allowing for energy efficiency nationwide. If all homes had a smart thermostat that could regulate temperatures, hundreds of millions of dollars could be saved in wasted energy costs annually.

AI will create a better customer experience. AI possesses a remarkable ability to streamline processes and allows companies to allocate their resources to creating a better customer experience rather than manual labor and behind-the-scenes tasks. Business owners will also see huge gains in their human productivity; employees will be able to focus on more complex tasks as their AI devices handle the more mundane tasks.

AI will provide a better quality of life. AI is going to lead to a better quality of life for most people as personalized medicine sees advancement through artificial intelligence. Doctors will have more ability to tailor care plans based on medical history, genetics, DNA, testing, and other factors as AI enhancements and advancements are made. AI also decreases the amount of stress that we face by keeping us organized, productive, and efficient, which increases our quality of life and could even lead to a day—perhaps in the not-so-distant future—when people no longer have to work at all. 

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a gadget guy.