Prepare Your Skin For Winter With These 5 Luxurious Spa Treatments

Winter Spa Treatments - Pizhichil

Winter is coming and we all know what that means: dry skin. That is why we recommend a little R&R with some help from the hydrating spa treatments below. Not only will they have your skin feeling winter-ready, but they’ll also give you a chance to unwind before the holidays. Prepare your body for winter and all that comes with it with the five luxurious spa treatments below.

Sattva Detox Body Polish The Peninsula Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

Luxury Winter Spa Treatments - Sattva Detox Body Polish


A full body scrub is key during the colder seasons as it will rid you of flaky skin. If you’re looking to treat yourself, skip an at-home DIY remedy and head over to the Peninsula Hotel Bangkok, located in Thailand. This upscale resort and spa is home to the Sattva Detox Body Polish, an anti-cellulite exfoliating treatment. This exfoliating experience uses cinnamon and walnut shells to eliminate dead skin. It also happens to drain toxins, resulting in “renewed radiance.” In essence, after this full body polish, your skin will feel as revitalized as ever.

Pizhichil Nira Spa, Shanti Maurice, Mauritius

Luxury Winter Spa Treatments - Pizhichil


If you’re looking for a spa experience a little outside the ordinary, look no further than the Pizhichil treatment offered at the Nira Spa at the Shanti Maurice Resort in breathtaking Mauritius. This unique and luxurious treatment is one of the spa’s “Ayurvedic Experiences,” which stem from one of the oldest surviving medical practices in the world. Specifically, the Pizhichil will have you lying down while warm herbal oils are slowly and continuously poured over your body. The purpose is to strengthen immunity and joint mobilization — both things that can be issues during a cold and harsh winter.

Body Wrap Ritual ESPA Riga, Latvia

Luxury Winter Spa Treatments - Body Wrap Ritual


Again, prepping for winter is all about keeping your skin hydrated. One of the best ways to do so is through a relaxing body wrap. One of our favourites is the Body Wrap Ritual offered at the prestigious ESPA Riga spa in Riga, Latvia. The treatment begins with a skin brushing and exfoliation, followed by a full body wrap of algae or marine mud, which are combined with essential oils for extra nourishment. To finish things off, you’ll receive a heavenly scalp massage and an express facial.

Clinique La Prairie Facial Rejuvenating Day Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Luxury Winter Spa Treatments - Rejuvenating Facial


Achieve a midwinter glow courtesy of a moisturizing, vitamin-packed facial like the Clinique La Prairie Facial Rejuvenating Day package, available exclusively at Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland. This nourishing and refining treatment promises to “rejuvenate active ingredients deep inside your skin cells.” Thanks to the massage and collagen mask involved, your skin will feel nourished and refreshed just in time for winter.

The Remède Customized Bath Remède Spa, The St. Regis Aspen Resort, USA

Luxury Winter Spa Treatments - Remede Customized Bath


Take your nighttime bath routine to new heights at the St. Regis Aspen Resort’s Remède Spa. Its seasonal specialty body treatments include a customized bath, which involves a technician drawing a bath filled with minerals, essential oils, herbs, oat milk, and honey. In addition to being moisturizing, it also happens to be an aromatherapy experience. Is there any better way to get through the winter?

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