The 5 Hottest Tech Start-Ups Of 2017

hottest tech technology start-ups for 2017

If you love technology and following the latest trends, you probably know that the Europas Startup Conference and Awards were held in London earlier this year, highlighting some of the hottest startup companies for 2017. This contest was judged by 10,000 industry professionals and more than 30 judges who were in attendance at the conference; safe to say, these folks know what they are talking about. Entrants to this conference weren’t required to pay fees, which allowed the event to truly highlight independent tech start-up, and many different categories of tech were consequently showcased and featured at the award show.

Below are the 5 hottest startups you should be watching for.


This company won the award for Hottest Media/Entertainment startup. Jukedeck uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way people and companies make and listen to music. They are currently building technology that can compose professional-grade music, which can be personalized to shape personal or business needs. The AI will be capable of understanding how to use deep neural networks to adapt music and compose songs, and has already allowed people to make over 1 million tracks on the company’s website; it’s also been featured in tens of thousands of YouTube videos. Even top brands like Coca-Cola have used Jukedeck software.


Winner of Hottest Mobile Startup, this smartphone app brings the world of fashion to your fingertips, allowing you to swipe and scroll your way through all the top brands and styles curated for you by stylists. If you see something you love, simply swipe and save for later as a favourite or tap to buy using Apple Pay or a credit card. Users also get notifications when products or brands they love go on sale or new pieces are added to collections. Designers can work directly with Grabble to have their designs featured and sold through the app as well. 

Benevolent AI

Named Hottest AI Startup, Benevolent AI is the world leader in the development and application of AI for scientific innovation. They are already the largest private AI company in Europe and one of top five in the world, and the company has recently partnered with MRC technology, a medical research charity in Britain, to explore the field of small molecules and antibodies in new drug initiatives. Their focus is on bioscience and pharmaceutical development to create better and more effective medicine for patients in more reliable ways. They are also currently developing an advanced AI platform that will redefine how scientists are able to access and use information. 


This British technology company is one of the fastest-rising startups of the year. They focus on large-scale simulations in the cloud, which bring virtual worlds to unprecedented scale and complexity. Improbable uses the game development platform SpatialOS, which allows users to stitch together multiple servers and game engines to power massive worlds with more players than ever thought possible. Users who qualify for the Games Innovation Program can try the platform for free throughout development. 


The London-based fashion tech startup, Thread, offers free online personal styling services for men and employs a combination of human stylists and algorithms to suggest personal style choices. Currently, almost a quarter of a million men in the UK are using this service, which aims to provide a personal stylist for every shopper and create looks that suit their tastes while knowing what looks best on them through uploaded photos.

While not all of these startups were founded in 2017, they are all looking to gain a lot of traction around the world as their companies are taking off and people are becoming more in tune with what they offer. Be on the lookout for these startups, which may have products available near you soon!

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a gadget guy.