The 5 Hotels That Every Art Lover Should Visit

The MONA Pavilions (

Last year we had the pleasure of visiting Casa Malca, an art hotel in the heart of Tulum that is as much a gallery space as it is a luxury retreat. This year we’re taking inspiration from that creatively rich weekend and turning our attentions to similar destinations around the world. Looking for a little more from your next vacation? Set your sights on the iconic hotels that are every art lover’s haven.

Boutique Hotel Altstadt, Vienna

Boutique Hotel Altstadt is exactly the posh, art-infused hotel that one would expect to find in a city that produced Mozart, Klimt, and Beethoven. The rooms and suites were created by world-famous design figures like architect Matteo Thun and personal stylist Lena Hoschek, and each unique space is perfectly styled to suit the art within. Housing the extensive collection of Otto E. Wiesenthal, the hotel’s owner, Altstadt is filled with works by the likes of Yayoi Kusama, Annie Leibovitz, Andy Warhol, and Bruno Gironcoli. We recommend any of the Altstadt’s luxury suites, each named for the artist whose work it showcases.

The Aldstadt is located in Vienna’s fashionable “boboville” district, right in the heart of the city, so guests can immerse themselves in the bustle and creativity of Vienna. And the added bonus? Each room is stocked with Malin + Goetz luxury products.

MONA Pavilions, Australia

The MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) is an architectural feat; appearing to pedestrians as a diminutive, single story building, visitors are led down a spiral staircase where three large levels have been built into the sides of the cliffs around Berriedale Peninsula. The Museum offers its own accommodations in the form of geometric pavilions, each named after an influential Australian artist or architect and filled with artwork from the MONA collection. Not sure whether you’ll be able to visit in this lifetime? The MONA offers not just a lifetime membership, but one for eternity. The seventy-five thousand dollar Eternity Membership package includes parties, catalogues, general VIP treatment…and then, once the member passes away, cremation and placement “in a fancy urn in the museum.” We’re guessing this one is for serious art lovers only.

Hotel Des Arts, San Francisco

Located in the French Quarter of San Francisco, Hotel Des Arts is conveniently situated at the crossroads of some of the city’s most exciting neighborhoods. The hotel professes to not present art simply as decoration, but as an interactive experience — that is, rather than just housing works of art, the hotel invites some of the world’s top emerging artists to paint and design rooms with complete artistic control. The result is a hotel filled with rooms that vary widely in aesthetic; some are filled with colourful graffiti, some with iconic imagery, and some with dreamy whimsical patterns.

Hotel De Petit Moulin, Paris

Is there anything more quintessentially French than fine art? Well, yes: the presentation of fine art in a four-star couture hotel. Each luxury room at the Hotel De Petit Moulin has been individually designed by French fashion designer Christian Lacroix. “It brings to mind a doll’s house, or those cross sections of buildings you might see in twentieth-century encyclopedias, with very different atmospheres from one floor to the next,” says Lacroix of the concept. The history of the building itself, which was originally Paris’ first bakery, is honoured in its original shop front.

The hotel totes itself as a “secret residence,” and pedestrians may never guess what lies beyond the antique Boulangerie sign. Once inside, however, guests are delighted with Lacroix’s lavishly creative handiwork.

NEW Hotel, Athens

Commissioned by international arts patron Dakis Joannou, NEW Hotel was designed by Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana. Pulling influence from urban street life and the contemporary art of Joannou’s collection, the former Olympic Palace Hotel was transformed into a seventy-nine-room retreat with custom furniture, handmade fixtures, and a wealth of details that blur the line between décor and installation art. Not to be missed at NEW is the Art Lounge, a rooftop lounge located on the seventh floor, which offers sweeping panoramic views of Athens. Best of all is the art library located within the lounge; guests can relax and feel inspired with over two thousand titles from which to choose.