5 Electronics Every Household Should Have

Smart homes are the new norm — or at least they will be soon, as products and services are being offered regularly and by more companies. The important thing about these products is that you can monitor and change your home environment even when you are not at home. Amazon’s Alexa, for instance, is becoming the main hub that every smart product is aiming to connect with. Using the Amazon Alexa app, you can manage your home automation from anywhere in the world.

There are also home security products that are managed in similar ways. In fact, there are so many products out there that it can be hard to choose which one to get. Here are our picks for the best electronics that every household should have:

Amazon Home Assistant

There are several different Amazon smart home devices, featuring the smart assistant Alexa, to choose from. All are slightly different, but all do the same thing, and that is incorporating artificial intelligence in your home. It’s an affordable product with mass appeal. It acts as a personal assistant and can be completely customized, serving as a main point for your smart products. For instance, with smart products such as thermostats or lights, simply ask Alexa to dim the lights in the living room or turn down the temperature in the bedroom. This product does so much more, but when it comes to building a smart home, Alexa brings everything together to make one system.

Nest Thermostat

There are a few models of the Nest Thermostat, so you can choose which would work best for your home. There are ones you can talk to, there are ones that are customizable and programmable via Wi-Fi, and there are ones that are more basic. You can manage the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world using an app. This product also works with Amazon Alexa, so you can manage it from there instead of having multiple apps for all the smart products in your home.

Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The safety of you and your family is paramount, and so this is an important electronic device to have in your home. This product is a smart detector that communicates with an app, allowing you to monitor problems from anywhere. It also will communicate with the Nest Thermostat and tell the furnace or AC to shut off if there are dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide in the air. This product could save your life while you and your family are asleep, as it will shut off the gasses before they become damaging or even fatal.

Smart Appliances

Eventually you will no longer be able to buy a stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, or other appliance without it having smart technology. Having this feature on your appliances can be wonderfully convenient. One product, iGrill, can monitor food in the oven and alert you on your smartphone, tablet, or computer when it is done cooking. Smart washers and dryers allow you to monitor your cycles when you are on the go. 

Smart Watches

Smart watches make it possible for the user to monitor, change, and manage smart home products, wherever life takes you; it is so much easier to do these things on the go with your watch, rather than with your phone. You can get notifications and alerts sent to your watch if there is a problem at home that you must address, and these devices can also do so much more for you if you take the time to learn all the features.


The homes are smart, the products are smarter, and the consumer is the smartest for buying them to use in the home every day. These products and services will make your daily life in 2018 extremely easy.

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a gadget guy.