The 4 Fall/Winter Beauty Launches We Are Eagerly Anticipating

With each fall/winter season, cosmetics companies enter holiday blitz mode with a host of highly anticipated beauty collaborations — and this year’s are looking better than ever! From Nars X Man Ray to Fenty Beauty Holiday 2017, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with the following four cosmetics lines launching in the coming months. Get ready for chic makeup palettes inspired by some of the world’s most stylish cities, a heavy dose of ’90s nostalgia in the form of your fave childhood video game, an iridescent holiday line for the ages, and a sophisticated collection that is sure to please all fine art fanatics. Check out the four fall/winter beauty launches we are eagerly anticipating—or already coveting!—in 2017.

Nars X Man Ray

French cosmetics company Nars has once again partnered with an artist for their upcoming holiday collection. This time around, they are taking inspiration from American-born artist Man Ray. The company recently released a preview of its full winter collection, which includes everything from lipstick to highlighter, and, of course, Nars’ signature blush. For those who love warm colours, this will be your new favourite beauty line! You can expect lots of deep burgundies, vibrant oranges, electric magentas, and glistening golds (perfect for New Year’s Eve!). Nars X Man Ray launched just last Friday.

Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder Autumn/Winter 2017

Spice Girl-turned-businesswoman Victoria Beckham is in the midst of launching an Autumn/Winter 2017 beauty line in collaboration with American beauty magnate Estée Lauder. This unique line takes inspiration from major cities around the globe. The broader collection consists of mini collections that are based on the aesthetics of five different cities: London, Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. Each line offers women a distinct look and colour palette, from the smoky grey tones of London to the sun-kissed bronze hues of Miami (with a hint of art deco-inspired electric blue for good measure). In addition to the aforementioned palettes, there is also a “Signature Look” which acts as a starting point for each of the “city” looks. This set includes skin perfecting powder, eye ink mascara, illuminating creme, and aura gloss, and promises to be all you need for “fresh, glowing skin and beautifully defined features.” The line has yet to drop, but you can sign up for an email notification here to receive word on the impending release.

Shu Uemura X Super Mario Bros.

The Shu Uemura X Super Mario Bros. holiday collection launched October 1st, so we’ve already transitioned from anticipation to love! After all, what better dose of ’90s nostalgia than a Super Mario Brothers-themed beauty line?

Shu Uemura is a Japanese makeup brand, founded by the Japanese makeup artist of the same name. This year, they decided to partner with the original Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros — but what does that mean exactly, when the world of cosmetics meets the world of…gaming? Well, it means a delightfully fun and playful line of beauty and haircare products adorned with your fave ’90s video game characters. The holiday collection seems to have it all: cheek palettes, lip shines, eyeliner, shampoo and conditioner, eyelash curlers, and brush sets. Since it’s already on sale, what are you waiting for? Check out the entire collection on Shu Uemura’s Canadian website now.

Fenty Beauty Holiday 2017

Rihanna has already been praised for the release of the first instalment of her Fenty Beauty line in early September. Bearing the slogan, “Beauty for all,” Fenty Beauty currently boasts over forty different shades of foundation to suit women of all skin colours. Thus, when the Barbados-born singer and fashionista announced that there would be a Fenty Beauty Holiday 2017 collection, we were over the moon. Details of the collection have been revealed and the inner unicorn/mermaid/intergalactic princess inside all of us is jumping for joy! The line is filled with iridescent goodies, ranging from lip glitters to cosmic glosses. A few product names have already been dropped, including eye shadows called Nepturnt, Sublime, and Xtraterrestrial, and lip colours in Supermoon and Spacesuit. And the best part of all: the line launches tomorrow, which can’t come soon enough!


Emily Southey
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