3 Reasons Why The World Needs The Tesla Model 3

In the short time that Tesla Motors has been manufacturing vehicles, they have done a great deal to change the way we view electric cars. With the Model S, they first showed us that energy-efficient vehicles could look gorgeous. Later updates to the Model S then showed us that energy-efficient cars could be true performance vehicles. (I never grow tired of throwing out the stat that the P90D is just as quick as a McLaren P1 0-60. I find that hilarious – and outstanding.)

Now Tesla is pushing the boundaries again – this time by showing us that you can get a piece of the Tesla experience without its customary massive price tag. With info on their Model 3 getting more concrete and the release date sounding more like a reality than a goal, let’s take a quick look at why the world needs Tesla’s Model 3:

It’s $35,000 before incentives.
That’s right – a Tesla can now be yours for a mere $35,000 USD instead of the $70,000-$100,000+ price tag the Model S carries. Much like BMW making hay with their entry level 3-Series and building a lifetime customer, Tesla can now make their aspirational brand accessible to the young executive. The result? Tesla is already cool, and with the Model 3, it can become more ubiquitous. With electric cars no doubt the way of the future, ‘cool and accessible’ is the winning combination to usher in the future and help guide society away from the allure of the noisy, sexy, internal combustion engine.

It still has Ludicrous Mode.
For those worried that the Model 3 will be a Tesla without all the toys, think again. The Model 3 will be fitted with the beloved Ludicrous Mode, which – and I think it bears repeating – is the feature that enables the Model S P90D to keep 0-60 pace with the McLaren P1.


Now, it’s important to note here that we shouldn’t assume that the Model 3’s Ludicrous Mode will give it the same punch as its older brother, but we can all rejoice that the Model 3 will indeed have many similar performance features that will make it more exciting than your average Sedan in its class.

More range than anything not Tesla.

Reaching into the future and pulling it into the present is tough work. One of the biggest obstacles with electric vehicles is their range. Unlike a gas-powered car, you can’t just pull off the highway and stop to refuel whenever you want. You have to be able to charge your vehicle – something that isn’t available everywhere – and so the battle for range is paramount to any EV’s short-term success. The Model 3 will boast 215 miles per charge, far greater than what less expensive EVs can do. While Tesla has been well-publicized for introducing some much-needed style and performance into the electric space, it’s their ability to keep pushing the standards of energy efficiency that’s perhaps most impressive.

Zack Drisko
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