Steven Tyler’s Mission: Janie’s Fund

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers!

It’s a special time of year, bookended by important holidays. And while it’s a time for eating, drinking, and celebrating with family, it’s also a time for helping others.

Recently, I met up with the man, the legend, the king of rock himself: Steven Tyler! A fundraising event was held at the Cambria gallery in Toronto for his foundation, Janie’s Fund, which is a philanthropic initiative that focuses on supporting young girls who have been the victims of abuse and neglect.

Janie’s Fund was created in partnership with Youth Villages, a vital organization that has helped over 50,000 girls since its inception in 1986. Youth Villages is an initiative that works; it has even been recognized by the White House as one of America’s leading results-oriented nonprofits.

Steven Tyler was named the recipient of the 2016 Humanitarian Award from the United Nations Delegations for his work with Janie’s Fund. The initiative focuses on an issue close to his heart; during Tyler’s own recovery in the 1980s, he heard the stories of many women who had suffered neglect and abuse as children, which led to post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse later in life. These stories stayed with Tyler and inspired him to create Janie’s Fund — and, as you fans may have guessed, they were also the inspiration for the song “Janie’s Got A Gun.”

So this holiday season, as we’re all feeling grateful and blessed, it’s important to remember to care and to give back. Please consider donating to Janie’s Fund, an important cause with a vital mission.