Design Eye, Green Thumb: 10 Planters We Love

While browsing in Dynasty recently—one of Toronto’s trendiest plant shops, located in the heart of Queen West (a neighborhood voted by Vogue as one of the “15 Coolest Neighborhoods In The World”)—I happened to overhear a conversation between an employee and a customer as the latter made her purchase. “It’s like everyone forgot about house plants for twenty years,” said the employee, carefully placing a tiny haworthia in a bag. “And now they’ve remembered — and boy, have they remembered.”

Whatever the reason (a defiance of urban industrialism? Deepening concern for air quality? Millennials choosing to raise plants and dogs rather than children?), indoor greenery is certainly on trend in 2016. Earlier this year The New York Times claimed the fiddle leaf fig to be the new “it” plant of the design world; the Telegraph sees the Pilea peperomioides (otherwise known as the Pass It On), Monstera deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant), and the Maidenhair fern as being the trendiest.

Whether you’re personally more of a bonsai person or a ficus lover, a wonderful thing about this trend is the design community’s response to it. Some of the best décor lines out there have been putting out gorgeous, innovative pots and planters for the home, helping to make our indoor gardens visually striking accent pieces.

Here are our ten favorites on the market right now.


Trigg Small Wall Vases (CB2)


Iris Planter + Chevron Stand (West Elm)

Rodger Stevens Wood Air Plant Holders (West Elm)


Mini Geo Terrarium (Urban Outfitters)


Macrame Plant Hanger (Anthropologie)


The Edelwhite (BAZUVA)

Pleated Vase Collection (Umbra)


Lyfe Levitating Plant Holder (Flyte – Kickstarter)


Louis Vuitton Totem Floral by Damien Langlois-Meurinne
(Limited Edition)