About Us

KHACHILIFE is a design and lifestyle magazine that endeavors to promote the art of living well.

This curated, online publication was conceptualized and created by Ramsin Khachi, a leader in the field of design. With a passion for his discipline fuelled by vivacious curiosity, he often travels the globe in search of new and innovative people, places, and products. He regularly shares his design solutions and principles on a number of media platforms, including KHACHILIFE.

KHACHILIFE invites the reader to re-examine our relationship with design – how we interact with the spaces and products of our day-to-day surroundings – and seek out a balance between beauty and utility. Here at KHACHILIFE, we believe that these principles apply not only to the aesthetics or function of our surroundings, but also to how we approach a healthy, active lifestyle. We are committed to offering readers unique, innovative perspectives on how design can enhance our daily lives through household renovations, interior design, travel, technology, recipes, fashion, beauty, and so much more.

We hope that the articles, photographs, and videos of KHACHILIFE will leave you excited, inspired, and eager to share your own ideas on how design can make our lives a little more beautiful.